Nintendo Switch was Nintendo’s best launch ever, in the Americas

Ricky, 06 March 2017

Nintendo has just announced that this weekend’s console launch was the highest in the company’s history, at least in the Americas.

Additionally, the hybrid console’s launch title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the best-selling launch title of any Nintendo console. Next in line for that title is now Super Mario 64 which launched with the Nintendo 64.

Considering the limited number of launch titles for the console, things are off to a good start with the Nintendo Switch. Launch day had plenty of people lining up to buy this $300 tablet/console/handheld gaming machine, not to mention GameStop said it was one of the “strongest and most successful gaming console launches” in recent years.



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  • Misfile

Well I have a fiance, and a life outside of my full time job and social life, and gaming is a great escape from that, based on your grammar and backwards opinions and flat out uninformed statements I'm guessing the claim of you having or preferring a...

  • Anonymous

Waiting for natural selection to do it's job. There is something called time management which the OP doesn't understand. And for OP if you think a girlfriend is cheaper then you are one lucky guy not to have to deal shopping bills

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Not all gamers are lonely basement dwelling males. And there is this thing called moderation and time management. Sad to see that you have a chance to procreate and give to the world more people as closed minded as you.