Samsung officially denies planning to acquire Nokia

11 June, 2012

Rumors that the ailing Nokia is up for sale keep cropping up and they keep getting shot down. Last we heard that Samsung is looking to buy the Finnish company, but that was quickly refuted by the Koreans.

In a rather terse statement released today, Samsung denied having any plans on purchasing Nokia. The announcement went like this: "Such reports are purely speculative and are not true". A similar rumor was going around last year and was denied by both Nokia and Samsung.

The rumors did have a temporary positive effect for Nokia - the company's shares rose 6%, but they're headed down again now that the rumors have been put to rest.



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  • junedmogal

nokia is world best phone

  • Jackskellington6sic6

You just again scapegoated everything you are doing onto us. Lol. I told you from now on if you cannot properly respond and stop with that scapgoating and trolling you will no longer get nice or proper responses. Last chance. Lol

  • Whatchasay

Spot on advice.