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  • Hye

mindmenglish, 09 Jul 2019in my country malaysia is funny. buying(original) online is chea... moreMalaysia still havent received the android pie update for nokia 1.

  • Anonymous

Did pie update bring web messaging for messages?

  • Anonymous

Did pie update bring web messaging for messages?

This is in some ways better than the Galaxy S3.

  • mindmenglish

in my country malaysia is funny. buying(original) online is cheaper at RM219+delivery
but at nokia store & other shops sell at RM299.

i have questions. i need it for hotspot and basic stuff:

1. my old 4 inch huawei has 1790mah. after hotspot office for 6 hrs and basic stuff, the battery from 100% lasted 9am to 5pm only.
2. my zte 5 inch has 2700mah lasted 9am to 11pm
3. i wonder how long nokia 1 battery lasted?
4. does nokia 1 camera has Autofocus?

Just updated my nokia1 to pie go edition. The phone just keeps going. Doing exactly what I bought it for. Yes it is sluggish but no, it isn't unusable. My Nokia 1 is faithful.

  • TheoS

I downloaded Pie today. Looks and functions great. HMD are doing a fantastic job of getting Nokia back to magic. Like Nokia was before all the crap happened.....

Remember this folks... Nokia was first and foremost a communications company that built cellphones that were both clear to speak and hear on. All I can say is that HMD have stayed close to Nokia's roots.... this little Nokia 1 is a phone that still has that clarity with voice calls that are unmatched with anything new around at sometimes 10 times the price.

So, looking at what I've written, I am the proud owner of a smartphone that can do the communication too.

I'm a happy Nokia owner. And I applaud HMD. You are all doing a fantastic job.

  • Wiseman banda

If you want to buy a 4n, buy Nokia 1

  • TheoS

Great phone. Gotta understand it's not a flagship model. It gets the basics right. Loving it the more I use it. I understand it's limitations and accomodate them.

Best thing I ever bought. Call quality especially good here in South Africa. Internet browsing quick. Apps open quickly. I've even got Excel installed for work stuff. Got WhatsApp on. And Imgur app for funny videos etc.

My friends 4X the price phone does the same things about 3seconds quicker....


Good phone for senior citizens. Smooth and flawless performance. The very neat and clean user interface, no bloatware at all. Got a recent Android Pie update. Nokia provides monthly security updates. Camera quality is okay, sound output little low but it's okay for normal users.

Good phone for senior citizens. Very smooth and flawless performance. Got a recent Android Pie update. Noika provides monthly security updates. Camera quality is okay. Neat and clean user interface no bloatware at all. Sound output little low but it's fine for normal users.

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2019Nokia 1 OTG ready???No

  • Anonymous

Nokia 1 OTG ready???

  • Glady

Nokia hmd collaboration has kept promises to update all their phones true. My Nokia 1 which I'm using got updated to android 9 pie this day.

  • Anonymous

why no option to connect to web messages??

  • TheoS

Ashish, 25 Jun 2019This will get Pie update. Yeah!Yip... Nokia are starting the Pie update in India first. The rest of the World to follow soon. Nice to know HMD keep their promises. Shows they are a trustworthy company and worthy of loyal Nokia users support.

I wish more companies had the same attitude.

  • Ashish

This will get Pie update. Yeah!

  • TheoS

The last thing I thought of when buying the Nokia 1 was to play games on it. Being inquisitive I thought what the hell... it's not made for that lemme check anyway. Some people have reported heating issues with normal use.... well, a demanding game should show exposure any cooling issues quicker.

  • TheoS

This guy really tried hard to break it... succeeded in cracking the screen...but the phone still worked afterwards.

  • Arya

Nokia 1 support VoLTE... Great...