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  • John Cena
  • 6Pd
  • 11 Apr 2024

Don't buy this phone ever, this phone is not good for any purpose.

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    • Anonymous
    • Qrk
    • 26 Feb 2024

    Anonymous, 04 Dec 2023The update to Android 10 wrecked my phone. Sometimes the lo... moreSame brother! My lock screen (Pattern) unexpectedly stops working after a certain amount of uptime. Then I have to manually restart it to fix it. I even tried resetting it. Added to the forums. Nothing worked. Then I eventually slammed my phone against the wall, and now I'm at peace.

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      • Anonymous
      • Sux
      • 04 Dec 2023

      The update to Android 10 wrecked my phone. Sometimes the lock screen doesn't work properly and I have to reboot it. The SD card mysteriously corruptss itself after a few days. Shame, since it works fine otherwise and I could get a few more years of use from it.

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        • Google DD Cat
        • IbI
        • 12 Sep 2023

        Does this phone relaxing alot?

          AnonD-1003792, 16 Jun 2023I miss these kinds of phones so much 😞My Nokia 1 lasted me 5 years now, although the phone is slow as heck in 2023 compared to when I first got it a few years back. The battery has gotten weaker, and it's getting difficult for the phone to stay woke even with just a few apps running. Although it's not ideal in 2023, it's one of the best phones I've laid my hands on.

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            • AnonD-1003792
            • 3ZK
            • 16 Jun 2023

            I miss these kinds of phones so much 😞

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              • Stanex
              • 7Mw
              • 20 Mar 2023

              Under-specified and unreliable. Theoretically one can add extra memory - in practice the machine doesn't recognise it, or work properly with it. Spent HOURS on one of those irritating help things where you type questions - both for this and two other issues where it stopped working altogether. I was given this thing by well-intentioned Godchildren and call it the gift that keeps on taking, as it costs me £6.55/mth where my (reliable) Nokia 1100 that must be 15 years old now, costs about £1/year for the rare times I use it. Another real issue is that the memory shortage means that it is impossible to have more than a handful of apps at any one time - and they run slowly. It is difficult to find a reason to recommend this device, and easy to find reasons not to. With poor customer service thrown in, it seems modern Nokias are something to avoid. Certainly this one.More expensive ones might be better, but I wouldn't risk it.

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                • Iphon
                • Xjf
                • 12 Mar 2023

                Anonymous, 01 Nov 2022Smart phone but. the GB rom should be upgrade Plz update 11 please

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                  • Master ME
                  • X5u
                  • 28 Jan 2023

                  Anonymous, 01 Nov 2022Smart phone but. the GB rom should be upgrade Smart phone 📱 but not durable, and also week for current.

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                    • 212
                    • K5g
                    • 12 Nov 2022

                    A very durable phone..👍🏼

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                      • Anonymous
                      • X5u
                      • 01 Nov 2022

                      Smart phone but. the GB rom should be upgrade

                        Do anyone have oreo firmware for nokia 1 mt6737m ?????

                          • A
                          • Aadrian
                          • 3Ta
                          • 20 Sep 2022

                          TheoS, 05 Nov 2021Yes. If you keep it on Oreo and don't update it with H... moreGood for you. But instead of selling your soul to the devil, you just sold your data to the Chinese.

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                            • Kasuni
                            • ter
                            • 11 Aug 2022

                            Anonymous, 03 Aug 2022How is Tik Tok on this phone?Good phone

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                              • Anonymous
                              • syY
                              • 03 Aug 2022

                              How is Tik Tok on this phone?

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                                • Kuldeep Sanghwahiya
                                • KgQ
                                • 03 Aug 2022

                                Nokia 1 is upgradable to Android 10 ...and Waterproof too...

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                                  • Nokiafan96042
                                  • mVe
                                  • 28 Jul 2022

                                  this phone provides the users with an astounding WHOLE 1GB OF RAM

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                                    • Ahmad
                                    • auc
                                    • 28 Jul 2022

                                    Guys, this phone have beam on maps?? I need it

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                                      • X@t
                                      • 06 May 2022

                                      Bgmi support or not on this phine

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • mGw
                                        • 29 Apr 2022

                                        Orherside482, 14 Mar 2022Can someone tell me where do I buy those XPress-on covers?How do I benefit from them??