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Nokia 101

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  • Luddite79

5-year-old 101 took a swim today with the laundry. That's over an hour, with detergent and tumbling!

The phone still comes alive after a minimal drying time! Tries to recognize the SIM cards, but can't. That fault may lie with the cards, and not the phone, though. The screen works, although looks a bit cloudy at the moment. The keyboard works fine. Will continue drying and try a new SIM card later.

Apparently the 3310 is not the only indestructible Nokia phone! It's a pity they don't make these any more.

  • Prakash

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2018Hi All, This type of mobile available in market ? If yes pleas... moreNokia 101

  • NTeodor

contacts, 13 Nov 2017dears please advice. my contact is full 500 on the Phone. is t... moreYes you can backup your agenda even if it's full 500. You just need a SIM card. Insert it into the phone, copy 250 contacts from phone to SIM, move the SIM to your new phone, move them to the new phone, re-enter the SIM card into the Nokia 101, copy the remaining 250 contacts, move the SIM card again to your new phone, move the other 250 contacts to the new phone and you are done. IS very easy to do and won't take you more than 15 minutes maximum.

  • Anonymous

Hi All, This type of mobile available in market ? If yes please tell me.

  • contacts

dears please advice.
my contact is full 500 on the Phone.
is there any way to transfer the contacts to the Lap top or to the Memory Card from this Phone.

  • Fred

Legend7466 , 01 Feb 2016Been having problems with battery life. When charged full and le... moreBuy a new one. Problem solve.

  • Anonymous

is this phone has speed dial option

  • Nokia 101 Flash File

wel post nokia 101 :)

  • AnonD-175409

BEST keypad phone.

  • nimo

That why I love this phone, the simplicity
No camera
No internet
Just a functional phone !!

  • Anonymous

While it does lack some features like a camera, internet access or an USB port, it has a beautiful UI, good customization options, good design, and is quite easy to use. Good for people who don't rely on their phone too much.

  • vinichiiii_jay

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2016can this phone access to the INTERNET ? nope

  • Anonymous

No, this phone can not acces to internet.

  • Chango Mango

Best Phone Ever

  • Anonymous

can this phone access to the INTERNET ?

  • Sarthak

What about its SAR value? Is it ok for health? What is its SAR value according to US FCC?

  • Fred

I've smashed this on to the ground 67 times (and counting), there was only a scratch on it. Magic.

  • Legend7466

Been having problems with battery life. When charged full and left idle.... It discharges rapidly. I don't know if its a software or a hardware problem seeing that i changed battery and still stuck with same problem. Please can anyone suggest to me what to do? Thanks

  • Anonymous

Themi, 11 Jan 2016How it activate?hi, the LED light will be lit by double tapping the UP navigation key while on idle screen

  • Themi

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2015led light can be activated with the navigation pad, top key thi... moreHow it activate?