Nokia 101

Nokia 101

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  • Sarthak

What about its SAR value? Is it ok for health? What is its SAR value according to US FCC?

  • Fred

I've smashed this on to the ground 67 times (and counting), there was only a scratch on it. Magic.

  • Legend7466

Been having problems with battery life. When charged full and left idle.... It discharges rapidly. I don't know if its a software or a hardware problem seeing that i changed battery and still stuck with same problem. Please can anyone suggest to me what to do? Thanks

  • Anonymous

Themi, 11 Jan 2016How it activate?hi, the LED light will be lit by double tapping the UP navigation key while on idle screen

  • Themi

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2015led light can be activated with the navigation pad, top key... moreHow it activate?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2015Good signal network, its has music player, fm radio, button... moreled light can be activated with the navigation pad, top key
this is the perfect phone!

  • Anonymous

Good signal network, its has music player, fm radio, buttons are soft and optimal sizes. But one thing is not good, no bhardware button for led light, for older people turning and switching light is complicited, Nokia please make phone with button for light...

  • AnonD-453390

really its good handset but problem that hearing speaker so low..... :(

  • Gautam Prusty PINTU

NOKIA 101 MY LOVE HAND SET. I LIKE IT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • honey

Its very good set

  • Dani

I love this phone! It's the cutest and way better than any smartphone n_n

  • venky

Do not press and hold * to get+
Just press * two times you can get it

  • Anonymous

tina, 12 Jun 2015can't get the "+" sing to enter a contact with in... moreKeep pressing until the sign appears

  • Sharafudheen

I brought thise phone nokia 101 thise is good phone in low prise good battery packup .higher voliyaam music player good phone

  • tina

can't get the "+" sing to enter a contact with international number. Pressing "*" and holding isn't working. Anyone have any ideas ??? Thanks

  • Rnr15

Just bought a 2nd hand nokia 101 via on line in the new 7 wonder cities of d world homeplace vigan city phi as a back up phone. Simple to use looks like an upgrade of nokia 1280 n a downgrade of nokia 108...nice spare phone also got a memcard slot

  • Anonymous

is there anyone who can help me...i already bought 2 of this phone and it has also the same problem when sending a message to anyone its just that they can only read my message once and it tells to dismiss and not saving the message to their inbox

  • MK

I am using Nokia-101 Dual SIM for the last 3 plus years, and am very happy ..... it's an excellent backup phone OR in case you need to have an additional phone.
I was using my office BB with their SIM, and my personal SIM in this Nokia 101 ..... absolutley no issues. Full value for money .... I bought it for some 1400 rs.!!!!! Ive not even needed to change the battery...... last for 2- 3 days even today :)

  • Mohmed Eissa

unknown, 05 Mar 2014Hai the security code should be 5digits minimum. but u r us... moreI forget it


Very Good & Nice Phone...