Nokia 10 to come with penta-camera setup

Yordan, 22 January 2018

Nokia delivered some of the best cameraphones through the years dating back to the N95, the 808 PureView and the Lumia 1020 . According to a leak from the Chinese social network Baidu, a concept phone with five lenses positioned in a circle, coupled with a LED flash, might be the next glorious installment in that series.

Nokia 10 might come with penta-lens camera setup

Sources suggest the phone will be named Nokia 10 and could arrive as early as IFA 2018 in Berlin this September. Although we are thin on the details, the design also reveals the upcoming phone will have a fingerprint scanner on the back, right below the revolver barrel-like camera setup.

The same source also mentions Snapdragon 845, which in theory can connect up to 7 different cameras with support for up to 32 MP, 4K video recording and dual phase detection.

Source (in Chinese)


Reader comments

  • Stan

Jumping in here - yeah, and each one of those had a single huge sensor, and each one was very thick in the camera area. This thing, by the looks of the patent sketch, will have one or two 12mp 1/2.55" that's in wide use today, and then a few smaller ...

  • Anonymous

I assume you've never seen the Nokia PureView 808 or Lumia 1020? Both OIS, both 41mp sensors.

  • Anonymous

great, now we'll have 5 camera's with crappy plastic lenses, no OIS, awful autofocus and perhaps even smaller pixels. Just what we need. 5 times the crap that we have today. Way to go Nokia! :-(

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