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Nokia 1100

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  • Anonymous

A cheap phone that works wonders. Accidentally dropped it from the 6th floor. I thought it was a goner. I just bought it back up just in case. I reassembled the express on cover and battery. It was working fine other than a few scratches. Back then, it was also a game changer. It was like the cheap phones from China but it was tough.

  • Anonymous

DMX, 30 Aug 2003Low end phone?.. Look at the Sony Ericsson T105.. that's... moreLittle did you know that this is the best selling handset in the world.

  • Sisodiya

Good phone

  • Suresh


  • Abdallah anklis

I had 4 Nokia 1100 original 2003

My father bought me this phone so he could keep in touch with me when I used to stay with my granny. Now I don't have the phone nor my gran.
But I cherish those memories.

  • Anonymous

my uncle had this as his phone for multiple years untill he gave it away to my cousins

  • Maria

It's amazing to see that phones can break barriers of time, in Colombia these ones are still used for "sais" wich are like call centers and cybercafés all in one, people still go and make their nationwide and international calls, refill their cellphones, print documents and photos, and use the internet if they do not have computer or internet in their house. It was the way back then on 2006 and it still the way now in 2021. Nokias 1100 still work and are still spotted here. Old school rules.

  • Lolita

OMG, this was my sister first phone, all I remember is that it was stolen when I was with her, I was just a kid, those phones were the top ones and it was the coolest thing to had one of them

AnonD-845773, 26 Nov 2020i have one of these in blue, rh-18 made in finland. I open... morenice... the display on mine is already damaged... and since the battery is bl 5c which is also on my n70... there is still a way to boot it... but have not checked it lately... lies peacefully on my drawer...

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2020Can I hear music in Nokia 1100no... only the ringtones...
it is just for call, sms, games preinstalled since it takes a technician to put a game on it... no way you can save even a single song...

my phone during gradeschool... the time when it is the simplest way to contact my parents in school... it is comfortable to use, soft keypad... flashlight is somehow usable too...
the last time i check, the display is already damaged, if only the display is good up to this day, i only need to buy a battery for a good "out of internet" week or perhaps a month... not sure if i can...

  • AnonD-845773

i have one of these in blue, rh-18 made in finland.
I opened it up and cleaned the speaker and everything inside.
I have a replacement charging port, vibrator, speaker, original buttons removed from another device.
I am considering using it.

  • Anonymous

Can I hear music in Nokia 1100

  • Dinesh

Why you are not make 1100 mobile.because that mobile is Safe and secure mobile.and my type middle class family all of you they like.pls again u start to Nokia 1100 mobile.


Believe or not, last two years I use this cellphone (1108b made in Mexico) as mine primary. Ive had lot of smartphone but i figure out that I don't like them (of course there is a pros and cons of smartphone).
I'm not a older, I'm just a guy who doesn't love too much new technology and innovation.
If its something new, doesn't mean for sure mean cool and functional.

There is some fact about 1100:

○Cheap for maintain (still could find new OEM battery for about 10$ or another phone for same price, for spare parts)
○Water, dirt and dust proof
○Heavy vibration (90% of time my phone was on silent mode) and I rarely miss call
○Excellent call quality and clarity (microphone too because is very sensitive)
○Glance screen (no need to push button to see what time is it or missed call or message)
○Battery last for days!
○Small and slim, fits in every pocket and doesn't bother you like a new smartphone above 6"
○Nobody want to stole them because is cheap and old-fashioned.

  • Anonymous

My 1st cellphone which I bought in Dubai. I can still you use it but got damaged on screen.

Best selling cellphone in the world!

Helal uddin, 22 Aug 2019In bangladesh, Nokia 1100 is still available.. but Old 🙂😊Nice to see lots of Bangladeshi on GSM now.. Even some of cheap so called phone reviewer (YouTuber) hadn't visit the sites from decades.. Atc android toto one of them.. Now they are being educated..

I will immediately buy a monochrome graphic type of phone from Nokia in 2020. The Snake game on their new devices is not fun at all and nobody plays it.