Nokia 1100

Nokia 1100

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  • Nanc

This is th worst phone I ever had! Both my daughter and I have one and have the same problems with it. It drops calls in mid conversation or right after you dial a number, even though you have service, and people can not hear you all of the sudden. I have heard of other people having these problems too and I wonder why there isn't a recall? Very dissappointed.

  • wahab

I bought 1100 & I'm satisfied

  • nec

It's a matter of price whether one should consider this phone good or bad. If it's around 15$ with contract then it's worthy, but here in mother Romania it costs about 70$ (the cheapest). Excuuuuse me but it's a bit expensive even for a phone with a flashlight.

  • Vitor

I love the Flashlight !!!

  • isi

The best value for money. What more do you need? A flashligh? It has it already.

  • Anonymous

its a not so good.the only thing that is good about is the flashlight

  • t.v.m.kishore

best one.very beautiful appearence,excelent battery back up,rough and tough best selling in hydrebad

  • vicky

very nice & good looking set i like it & i buy it for my use good NOKIA

  • Maxx

Super Man!!! Nokia Rulz!!!!

  • Haroon

these sets are Good all smart by nokia ...just like 2100 and 2300 ...1100 ...but i think 2300 is best then 1100 :-)

  • sinan

1100 were are your from ı m fromtokat

  • Anti-Nokia Guy

this phone suk!!!no handy phone...its keypad makes it really difficult 2 sms...

  • Arindam Basu

This phone is worth its price.

The best part is I charge it once a week. I hear people in my office say they have to charge mobiles almost everyday or once in 2 days. When they hear that i keep my mobile 24 hrs and 7 days ON(no swicth Off) and I only charge once in a week, thay think I am telling a lie. Well I am a satisfied customer and let others think what they can. I bought for Rs 4050/- (India) and I can use it without problems.

Also its has a torch light! (though dim but works well in pitch darkness)

Only problem I faced is the Ascending Ringing Tone seems not to work. When set ascending tone, the volume remains steady. Not sure its a specific defect of my handset only or not.

Anyway for the price tag its worth to have such a mobile.


It's a good handset, I have sent different URDU alphabets too 1100 from 3100nokia,and saved it on 1100. Now when I want to send urdu message I only edit that saved message. It seems that It can compatible for URDU language

  • antispammer

nokia is good in producing these kinda phones eg: 3310,8250,8310, etc all wic are not color screen, wen it comes to color screen they SUCK big time!!!

  • imran

i like it because its style is good and looking wise is good

  • Muhammad Mohsin

why nokia 1100 has gprs

  • Wizbit

Great phone this. I don't need a colour screen to see who's calling me. If I want to play games I'll use my Nintendo GameBoy Advance. I have a top of the range Sony digital camera so why would I want one on a phone? As long as I can make and receive calls, and make and receive text messages I'm sorted. If you own this phone and think its cr@p then you should learn to read. After all when you were in the shop there would have been a sheet of paper giving you the spec of the home. This is a good little phone and like the Nokia information says: "The Nokia 1100 phone lets you conduct business in confidence and style - in the shop or on the move, during the mid-morning rush or at midnight. New features like the long-lasting battery and a durable design help you work even smarter." This phone is for us people who don't need all the bells and whistles on a phone. And with a battery standby time of 400 hours, you charge the phone on a sunday and you don't have to re-charge it till the end of the week!!!!

Worth getting here are my 10 points for you!!!!

01) cheap
02) easy to use
03) very durable
04) light weight
05) no complicated accessories to operate
06) is a NOKIA
07) its worth 29.99 (deal at the carphone warehouse uk)
08) long lasting battery
09) fits the purpose it was made for - a simple phone
10) its a NOKIA - I know I already said it but I had to make 10 points but couls only think of 9.

  • anil mohan

good phone

  • saddam

this phone suks,it does not even have pictureEditor,and poor thing it only has 2 games and now i regret buying it in s'pore b'cos it is an export version and it does not carries a warranty and im now worrying b'cos the screen got a crack in the screen and im now cursingit...Sendin out a message to s'poreans dont buy a export phon without warranty