Nokia 1100

Nokia 1100

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  • kid

Even if you haven't got money you can buy a 100000x better phone than this.

  • Anonymous

i don't believe this shit...WHAT a fuck nokia thinkin...

  • Anonymous

i can get a better and cheaper phone than this heep of shit. Fuck, what is Nokia thinking?

  • Kriminot

It just keeps getting better and can nokia be the top manufacturer of hp...

  • Jeetu Jalan

This fone is a fone for the entry level market...People who haven't tried mobile fone and has less money.In india ,the price for this fone will be less than 3900 Rs. it means less than 85 USD .

  • Anonymous

Nokia was my girlfriend.....but now i'm gonna have to dump you cuz you just got uglier than ever.

  • DMX

Low end phone?..

Look at the Sony Ericsson T105.. that's a low end phone..

This?.. just an expensive useless toy!

  • Anonymous

I know this is a low end phone, but they should still design it properly. Nokia should be the one to respect their customers, they think the customers are blind.. unbelievable design.. keep it up Nokia.

  • me

guys..this phone is definately for low end class.. have some respect for those who dont much money as yours to buy high end one.


Nokia, where are your designers?

  • NOnokia

People all over the world are laughing about this damned phone. Bad work nokia! I wish you good luck for the next phones. May god will be with you, nokia. What stupid ideas to produce Nokia 1100 & 2300. Don't buy it.

  • Anonymous

Unbelievable.. Nokia should start firing their designer.. stupid phone with bad features!

  • Anonymous

low end phones !!!

nokia are bored !!!!!! ver bored with themeselves !

  • count homer

nokia are doomed if they make things like this!

  • Chemical

They should give this phone for free for marketing (BAD MARKETING)!! One of the ugliest phones on earth!!

  • experienced user

With quite more features and less than 100$! I doubt if this shit will be cheaper.

  • experienced user

It,s far better get an alcatel 512 than this one!!

  • caff

What the hell is this??? Most ugly phone ever and it only has 50 phonebook god !

  • quinty

Retarded concept:) I'll bet it will be relatively expensive

  • cOw_kEeper

What? 1 series nokia fone? The kEypad loOks fine but no colour...