Nokia 110 4G

Nokia 110 4G

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  • Anonymous

realy 0,1 mp oh god

  • chewan

What's the use of the camera?

  • Anonymous

How many call log capacity will be there in nokia 110 4G?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2021Does this phone have phone pay or google pay facilitiesNo.
If you want online payments, buy a smartphone.

  • Anonymous

Does this phone have phone pay or google pay facilities

  • Anonymous

I have this phone for 5 days.
It is excelent, the closest as dimension, design and software/menus to the old clasic Nokias like 1100, 1200, etc. from all the rereleased phones in the last years.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2021Does this phone have airplane mode?Airplane mode : Settings -> Call settings -> Dual SIM -> Standby

  • Anonymous

Does this phone have airplane mode?

  • Mukhtar

plz tell me this phone does support text copy cut paste in write msg & web browser.if it not support this useful option so its very bad & useless for good text messaging & socializing, Chating, comments, replies, posts, any text content uploading or collecting etc.
thank you!

  • Tender

Sheriff, 30 Jul 2021Will it support 4g sims ? and whatsapp ? No chance of whatsapp working on this

  • Sheriff

Will it support 4g sims ? and whatsapp ?

From the specifications and some reviews it should have nano SIM. About the micro-usb in my opinion is not a problem when I suppose the charger will be in the box and a 1020mAh battery doesn't need more than a usual slow classic charger. I suppose most people will have at least an old USB cable too for computer connection anyway. Let's hope instead that with some future versions they will think about designing an usb modem connectivity feature like most S40 old phones always had.

  • ar86

Why nokia keep using micro usb? All nokia feature phone should be type c with nano sim card. People use feature phone as 2nd phone. Type c and nano sim will make easier to share charger and or swap sim card.

Do we have call recording

aditya136, 24 Jul 2021with almost same priced Nokia 225 4g , & 215 4g are bet... moreOS is good in 110.

Karan Madhavan, 25 Jul 2021Any voice assistant build in?Yes. It reads out anything on screen. For differently abled.

About wifi or usb tethering possibly missing, in my opinion is not like it couldn't be done but the point is that modern network tethering might be more complex. Beside the phone not supporting WiFi, even the USB tethering is complex because to be compatible with common o.s. as some expect, it would need a whole specific larger o.s. only for that, similar to the wifi/usb key modems with specific chip and often linux specific kernel/os. This would need the internal storage to have that o.s. instead of a phone based real time o.s. Maybe what might have been possible was to support some usb-serial old style cable modem connectivity but that would have needed specific o.s. drivers too and not the common usb ready connection that come with smartphone linux based o.s.
But I think too it might be an interesting feature to consider when most feature phones had that in the past times (different tech with specific sw drivers).

The real innovation with these versions is the newer System on a Chip (SoC) that is interesting for such low end target phone. From the official homepage it's specified the T107 SoC and from the official specifications is a Cortex A7 single core based chip.
With a real time optimized o.s. it might be expected to be fast and also expandable if would be used on future phones version (might be better multimedia features and even some modern apps too for example).

  • www

This remind me Samsung E2120 only worth specs , lt's just copy and paste and branded Nokia ....

  • Karan Madhavan

Any voice assistant build in?