Nokia 112

Nokia 112

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Does it support Whats App?

  • khurshid

screen is too small. loud speaker is not so good. overall a good phone with dual SIM function.

  • AnonD-171887

Nokia 112 The Best Mobile in low Range

  • junaid

Anjali, 30 Jul 2013Nokia 110 and 112 which mobile I select112 best

  • AnonD-171557

Very Good Mobile in this Range Simply Good in Performance

  • sd

Why cannot I use it in Canada?

  • Bamkalana

Nokia 112 Is A Good n cheapest mobile i ever had in sri lanka!!! is so easy to use... userfriendly phone... bt i cant minimize the app. :(

  • Krishnakant dubey

Akil, 22 Jul 2013Some of the images are not suporting!also, after opening "p... moreYes, i m also facing this problem several times.

  • Anjali

Nokia 110 and 112 which mobile I select

  • Dominic

This phone is good for browsing and downloading but the screen is too small

  • def_sbdl1

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2013i'm planning to buy this phone but before i'll buy it i want to ... moreYes you can. This phone has backup facility.

  • Babi

Most of them is nice.but their is no chance to insert data cable

  • Apu

Nice phone

  • Bittu

I like this phone.The design ,colour .look and the fast browsing internet these are things that gives me the full satisfaction. But the small screen size and the camera are the things that not gives the full satisfaction.

  • Vishnu

Love u nokia...
U r the real phone manufacturer...
Keep on giving system updates..
The latest update brings youtube support on it
well done..

  • Anonymous

Delivery Problem can anyone help?

  • Skel

Small screen no usb,youtube not supported

  • nay lin tun

I like the features of Nokia 112.But I dislike its small screen size. I think that is the weakness of Nokia 112.Other features are nice.Ordinarily, it is a good feature phone.

  • manu

siri, 21 Jul 2013why this 4n getting restart automaticallySir internet problem

  • dharmendra

very nice to use internet,music,call, & sms e mail. etc