Nokia 112

Nokia 112

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  • sidebottom

I never ever seen such a worst model.poor display n frequently restarted

  • Anonymous

Why sometimes when i switch off or remove the battery,and when i switch on it takes alot of time be on.

  • joke

Very good phone in cheap price..

  • Akil

Some of the images are not suporting!also, after opening "photos", in my galery,almost 5or 6 photos is geting copied. . ! ! Many galery files are getting deletd automaticaly. . ! !

  • AnonD-163104

Ok, so I downloaded a video in MP4 format and put it in my nokia 112, but when I play it, there is no video, it says "video not supported" but there are sounds. I converted the video into 3GP but the video won't play again and only the sounds would play. Anyone encoutering this problem?

  • siri

why this 4n getting restart automatically

  • sara

i cant download mp3 and video. plz tel how to download mp3 and video?

  • kanna

Plz don't buy this phone.......i lost all contacts automatically...also its getting restarted frequently...i hate nokia.... this is my first as well last phone from nokia.

  • Durga

It is automaticaly saving sent mesages. How to deactivate this feature?
Kindly answr . .

  • AnonD-163104

Durga, 18 Jul 2013This mobile is made in china, with brand name of Nokia. Its qual... moreThe 40 EA games were free but you need to download them first, they will be permanent in your phone after you downloaded them, about the games which requires internet, I know these are just samples and previews so I just deleted them and replaced them with the free EA games that I have downloaded.

  • Siby

Very poor display than ever cheapest phones. The brightness is also non adjustable. don't buy it at the rate of 2500/-. Many other good displayed phones are available in cheapest price than this.

  • Durga

This mobile is made in china, with brand name of Nokia. Its quality is worst than other cheap china sets.
Its display is poor & all the games given in it require net conection. Imagine a game in 1.8 inch screen with 120ppi!
Can't they give any game free?
Nokia i was cheated by you.

  • AnonD-163104

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2013Is nokia 112 still available on the market?yes, it is

  • Anonymous

AnonD-163104, 15 Jul 2013NOIs nokia 112 still available on the market?

  • AnonD-163104

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2013Is it has usb connection?NO

  • Anonymous

Is it has usb connection?

  • ankul

most bogus series 110,112,113.i have purchased 110 n 112 in aug 2012,but this time both are useless.wen u go to nokia care hey will how u that it is liquid damage.
actlly the hardware is very cheap due to nokia cost cutting .I wus suggest never buy these new phones from nokia.


its prettygood but don't have usb connection.... and some softwares are not supporting..

  • keith

I try to delete call log but some logs unable to delete " Message come with invalid selection" How to delete all logs?

  • RJ

I hv update too v. 3.48
bt i m nt facing prblm like slow net, or fb open prblm.
Even m feeling dat fon got fastr den before. Use uc browser nd run fb will work vry smooth nd fast.
Only prblm i am facing since old version of nokia brwsr update to new one nd it is showing confilct app. And it didnt fix in version 3.48
only i am able to run everything in uc browser even youtube too