Nokia 1202

Nokia 1202

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  • james

it does not have radio

  • Anonymous

Previous Nokia 1200, 1208 and 1650 are rubbish phones because keypads are rubbish and ringtones are not loud enough. You cannot hear these phones ringing outdoors. I will be surprised if this is any different.

Nokia used to make great basic phones like the
Nokia 1100, 1112, 1600, 3410 etc...

I would like Nokia to launch a basic phone with flashlight, FM radio, small font SMS, loudspeaker and monophonic ringtones because they are louder and most of their polyphonic ringtones are awful.

Nokia no longer make decent basic phones : FACT!

  • Anonymous

I could use a $31 USD backup phone

  • MagesH

I think it'll be a one more Nokia 1100...

  • skylauncher101

i prefer this phone than N1208 because it has radio and it has longer battery.


i prefer nokia 1208! its has colored display.

  • skylauncher101

Long battery, handy phone, affordable phone. perfect phone for backup!

  • Dani

A Nokiarola, Motorola design .....