Nokia 1209

Nokia 1209

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  • Gagan

manzd, 24 Mar 2010please help me.. My 1209 cant ON.. I lost my warrty card.. Re... moreHi Dear, go to Nokia care centre. In Nokia care centre online warranty can be check easily....if ur mobile is in warranty then they solve ur problem without warranty card.

  • sameh127

old mobile phones were battery charged every 5 to 7 days while nowadays mobile phones lasts mostly 2.5 days charged.
what has happened to the technology and power consumption? the mobile phones has been developed in everything except the batteries still as itis not modified to accept the new options and facilities.
so what is the solution?
i hope my cellphone lasts amonth to be recharged.

  • jack

stmnm, 02 Feb 20101. i have 2xN97 2. i have 1Xiphone 3. i have 2x1209 and i a... morenice mane..very nice0keep it up

  • manzd

please help me..
My 1209 cant ON..
I lost my warrty card..
Repair but stil same answr ...

  • sim

sim, 19 Mar 2010I just bought this phone few days ago. Since then, I'm continuou... moreCorrection: I guess I didn't insert the SIM properly enough the first time. It's working fine now. Sorry for the inconvenience...

  • sim

I just bought this phone few days ago. Since then, I'm continuously facing "insert sim" problem. That is to say, I properly insert the sim, and things start working- then all of a sudden, without any reasons, 'sim' is not detected by the phone. I have to open it up and re-insert it properly and with care, and it starts working again for some time, until I face this problem again. This is very annoying-has anyone else faced this issue? I don't know if I can claim warranty on this, as it does not happen all the time...?

  • yazi

After nokia 3310, 7310, 1100, This is the best mobile.
I like it battery time, signal quality, and speaker

  • Jacob

my 1209 is a bit special.i bought it back december 2009 (which means 1209)fast performance,strong signal is what you get on a new 1209.though i have an n95,i like the 1209 more.....AFFORDABLE...9.9/10 stars

  • naci

best phone,i like it NICe!!!!!

  • vikash saini

the best feature of the phone is it's keypad

  • welchelle

this phone is 1209

  • Ivan

Great phone, only remark it would be better with monochorme display, other than that 9/10


Hundal tele, 06 Mar 2010unlock coad for 1209 12345 nokia

  • Hundal tele

unlock coad for 1209

  • amit kumar

its very good.9/10

  • Anonymous

i have input THE WRONG PHONE LOCK PASSWORD, and now i have forgotten it. please tell me how can i access my phone lock password.

  • stmnm

1. i have 2xN97
2. i have 1Xiphone
3. i have 2x1209

and i am in the hospital most of the year in the last 3 years.

now to the point!

my first N97 was stolen from my room and i buyed a new one.
noe bouth of my N97 are in the nokia care center after i was sick from all the freezing and restarting.

my iphone batterylife is so poor that i can't get out from the room for two hours and get some air outside without the need to check the battery status all the time that i still will be avileble.

my 2 nokia 1209 are working great and NEVER!!! disepointed me from day 1.
ther's allways have battery, i hear the others better then any of my devices.
the signal is allwas the strongest of them all.
i don't care if they fall or get hit by somthing.
they are just an amazing example how to make a MOBILE PHONE!
for me they are life savers and i don't give a s**t about all the gizmos and the toys that you are calling phones.
they are nothing more then a multimedia devices that have no conection to the first reason that they made for and that is for comunication with other peoples not with other toys.
thank you!

sorry for the writing skills i am from israel and my head is hurt (-:

  • Anonymous

sathi, 26 Jan 2010what dust resistant does it have?it has single-molded keypad, with no gap between it. that's why nokia calls it dust-resistant keypad.

  • sathi

what dust resistant does it have?

  • Adi Karna

Nokia 1209 is the elite version in its class.As you see it brings CSTN 65K colour in 96x98 pixels.Is lead away than 1208,1200,1202,or even the newest 1203.Though its display is smallest,but its finest.Yo also can try to change it housing chasing with 1208 chase.It works.So you got better keypad and camouflage phone.Superb phone for calling and texting.