Nokia 1600

Nokia 1600

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  • rakesh

i have use this phone last 5 year,,,and have no complaint ,,,,good phone

  • Anonymous

This is the most durable phone I've ever had in my life. It may not have the world of features, but it can take a lot of roughing up and still function well unlike the more modern phones. I've been using one for the last 8years without a complaint. This was one of the best phones ever created by nokia. congrats

  • Shakie

This is the one of the finest mobile i ve ever had.. even now am using this mobile apart frm a MM mobile ..!! :)

  • Mansuri Naeem

hey i have lost my 1600 mobile...
so plz anyone help me...i want it get can i get back...?
Thank you inadvance....

  • Anonymous

this is world best tough set ever

  • Anonymous

please continue this model, excellent performance!!

  • Prasad

MARS, 18 Jun 2011the best mobile phone ever excisted!!!!!!! This is excellent handset. This handset is very comfortabe to chat but phone memory and message memory is very low except that every thing is good.

  • MARS

the best mobile phone ever excisted!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

good,one of cheap and best. an persists even if roughfly handled

  • JaHa5

This was the first nokia phone I ever had.It carries me back in 2006 when I purchased it, and the many great times I had with it. Fantastic phone, we'll never get another like it...., sadly!!!!

  • deepak punjabi

can you tell me about of this phone
this phone is good for office work or not
if not which one good.

  • Deepak karamchandani

AnonD-9488, 28 May 2011The best phone i have ever used........ My one also supported be... moreohhh'''
gud best think for u, it has marathi language

Bye the which handset do u have right now

  • SHAB

AnonD-5760, 09 Apr leizel and my cellphone is 1600,my security code is 12345... moreswitch off ur mobile for 10 minutes n then on it your mobile will be unlocker


rocking mobile!sophesticated for texting........i jus love it

  • AnonD-9488

The best phone i have ever used........ My one also supported bengali language...

  • Shez

Best phone ive ever had, so simple. You cant beat it. Had all the smartphones but nothing beats this bad boy

  • yandru

Awesome phone, awesome indeed! The best one in world. I bought one in 2005 and still going on.

  • prabhul

very nice phone. I bought it in 2007 may(silver colour). Good battery back up. Nice sound clarity. Have cute look. Unfortunately died today due to short circuit

  • Anonymous

Very nice phone for messaging but company has to modify it@

  • jason24589

I got this phone on 2006 and on 2008, I gave it to my friends to buy a camera phone.