Nokia 1600

Nokia 1600

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  • Jill

I had use Nokia 1600 for about 1 year and a half. Quite strong the steel of the cover even i dropped it for many times acidently and threw it when i getting mad with friends as well but it still stand still with everything that it had.

  • benson

its a gud phone the only problem i got was it began discharging, any technician with a solution, tried power amp, nah...

  • **aka**

i got this fone for nearly a yr now nd all i can say its a steel fone...i've dropped this fone more than 10 times nd still dis fone operates as if nothing has hppd so if ur clumsy than this is da fone to buy coz its made up of steel lol

  • Anonymous

Yes Nokia 1600 is qiet a gud Fon. I have made my mind towards other Fons and get a 1600. Am buying it today after using my friend's for a while. Guys buy 1600 now it affordable.

  • sakiru

I saw 'a kind of' USB connection in the bottom of the phone, is there any kind of data cable will suit this USB plug? Thanks.

  • Clint

Its not very easy to personalize, but it is a reliable phone. cannot find many covers, no extra ringtones to d/l for the net10 version i know of. I do miss the LED flashlight on my old NOKIA. for the dependability, and affordability, it is the best phone for my bucks.

  • bragadeesh

i think this is the coolest phone i've ever seen. It is damn fast of all nokia series phones. It is very cheap. I could type a long message and send to anyone within seconds. Earlier nokia 1100 was the one with fastest messaging capability. I bet this set has beat all of it.
Moreover, user interactivity is mind boggling. It has some cool features such as themes, speaking clock, navigations, games etc which are way too good for a low class phone.
I have put my 1600 4 times now (ofcourse not intentionally) and you dont feel anything.
Overall rating (for low range models) :
design : 9/10
features : 10/10
performance : 11/10 (he he he)

  • Andrei

This is a very good phone, long lasting battery, cool design ( especialy the black one ), nice games, good signal and sound, the only problem is it's keypad, but at this price you can't ask for perfection.
I recomend this phone to anyone that doesn't need modern gadgets !

  • Anonymous

most ruf and tuff phone

  • Utsav Gupta

Hello, few days back i bought Nokia 1600... i have the data cable and the softwares but i dont know how to transfer ring tones... so please can some one tell me what all softwares i need and how can i transfer ringtones to my cell... please mail me @

  • Goka

Dis a good phone with exellent functions, I love it.

  • faisal

please i can't download tones from the internet for my phone and reply me for your answer whether or not i can download tones

  • jafar

hai iam jafar please send me 1600 MobiMB and how can i download

  • bernard

yes, my speaker also died

  • T.Dinesh kumar

please send me the mobimb 3.3 for nokia 1600
my id is
in advance........

  • T.Dinesh kumar

I am engineering student(cse)
it is a very nice set
I am trying to put mp3 tones in it
Is it possible if so please send mobimb
please send the needful softwares

  • crystal

it's a easy to work phone but somehow the speaker of this handset malfunctions my mother has one and some of my other friends too and all the nokis handsets speakers malfunctions..

  • Xpander

The best cheapest colour phone. No fuss. Straight to the point. Its like you're using 8250, only with colour. Its light, fast navigation, good battery life, composer, you can view all your reminders in one page, it takes only one click to start typing your sms, not like other phones which asks you so many questions before you can type. Love it!

  • Coleen

I love my 1600 very much. To me it's the best low end phone around. If only i knew how to add mp3

  • allysayojay

I'm very happy with my Nokia 1600. I bought it because I needed a phone that lets me talk to the person I dial. That is it. I don't need a PC, radio, camera...I have all that. I don't wear it on my hip or flash it around so it does not even have to look cool. This phone delivers. Plain, basic, simple, inexpensive, calls in and out...Everything I need.