Nokia 1600

Nokia 1600

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  • Dhruv Berry

I just bought this movil for my MOM . My mom simply like this mibile .Awesome man .....wonderful performance ,amazing graphics.

Thanks Nokia

Dhruv Berry.

  • Jess

This is a good phone.. if all you need is a phone that makes calls and you can text occasionaly. If you have had a Nokia before then you might be dissapointed with this phone as they have obviously made this a budget phone by cutting costs on the screen. It is small, has large pixels and doesn't have the same Nokia standards as other models. If you have a larger budget then I would reccomend a more expensive Nokia just because you get what you pay for. Advantages are that it is light, relativley small with an average battery life. Overall it is a god little phone but you do get what you pay for.

  • Anonymous

why no gprs, java??

  • Vishnu Vikram

Nokia 1600 has a very sexy appereance. I hope everybody will like it.

  • Avril

1 awesome lil fone

Thanx Nokia

  • Prashant

I too need the same details...
if u recieve then mail me at


  • sharath

Yes i have brought this mobile todays back.Its such a great and cute phone.I liked it very much.Thanks nokia.Thanks

  • Gabes

Any Body that can send me any music to my Nokia 1600 because i had just but it and i need a compose somebody to help me with that and i really love it.

  • Anonymous

individuality remember that

  • Anonymous

i think that this tell is the best one for those who don't need a camera and mp3 player to their phones. and the battery lasts up to 9 days !!!

  • paul

in the best low price movil.....

  • Calexis

This model is not to bad, however very difficult to send SMS, and not so friendly like Model 1100. Only think I like is nice color screen and nice polyphonic ringtones and loadspeaker. However who just have a little budget I recommend 1100 better!

  • nadoir

it stinks display is 2 small and its no good get a k300 or 1100 instead

  • Amanda Page

the phone shop rox!!!


Good phone it has speakerphone too, good display, and phonebook, lightweght and good battery life and at only 59 euro, it's my phone!

  • Prashant

Can anyone tell how to get or download...
1. Polyphonic Ringtones
2. Wallpapers
3. Data Cable

  • Litticia Tarentaal

Hi, if I want to download mp3 ringtones-should I open a feature on the nokia 1600 or do I need a cable. if so, why didn't I get a cable with my phone package?

  • bryan

this is a pretty good basic phone, i just got it yesterday and its small and nice though a larger fonebook capacity would've been nice. the screen is tad small but its readable, the large fonts try to make up for the screen size. though its got no gprs and wap if al u need is a basic call and tell mobile phone, this baby will do....but i mainly use it as my back up fone only.

  • Ashley Cantopher

I have a new Nolia 1600. I will appreciate if you kindly let me know if I can download some free english songs as ringtone & christian wallpaper. If so, please give me the webside etc.


  • anonymous

Hope this info will help to whoever who is thinking of buying this phone. Had this phone since it came out of the market.

1) Great polyphonic ringtones.
2) Long battery life, around 1-2 weeks.
3) Large sms memory, around 80-100 smses.
4) It has a composer to play with.
5) Unlike other phones, it has a feature of speed dialing to sms. You can choose between calling or smsing when you use speed dialing.
6) Small, easy to use, friendly user.

1) Well, no gprs and wap, u cant download ringtones, games and wallpapers.
2) Very big fonts, 4 lines per sms.
3) Not enough pixels, you can see pieces of pixels on the screen.
4) It doesn't have a calender, worse still, you can only type around 30-50 characters, its too short.
5) Too little choices of ringtones to choose from as you cant download them.
6) I don't know if other users experience this, but sometimes this phone will automatically switch off by itself while you are using it. It will on back by it self anyway.
7) Cant keep many numbers under one name.