Nokia 1600

Nokia 1600

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  • Anonymous

Cool phone with all the features you need and a great battery. Great phot if you need it to talk, if you want wallpaper melodies mp3 movies games buy yourself a notebook computer !!!!

  • Nas

Can someone erite me about the mp3 function of the fone?Is it a "mp3"-ringtone or just ringtone with quality of mp3.Please tell me if somebody has experienced this.10x

  • Shahzad

This Is A Lodro Set. Not Download Any other Thing as ring tones and wallpapers ... and Its LCD is so poor as like Sony Ericsson T230 and T290 so kindly do'nt buy this hand set.

  • Gilbat

We can't download any polyponic Rigntones.
Display also very worst.
so please friend don't buy Nokia 1600.

  • Anonymous

the fone is gd but how can i download stuff in it. Do i hv to buy a cable to hook up to my pc and den download stuuf from there and where can i get ringtones n pics for this fone plz rite back

  • emeka

is good but why i dont like it is because i dont know if i can downlaod from pc if yes reply me

  • Anonymous

can i download some of the ringing tones unto ma Phone
If yes pls let me know and show me the procedure
i will be very happy if i get a reply in ma inbox

  • Anonymous

I think it's cool but can i put have on this phone songs ? & what about the mp3

  • omer

it is one cool set but plz tell does it have a data cable or does it supports it.

  • slk

its 21 st century. nokia should be caring about its low end cell users,they really should provide mms,wap and irda with it at this price!

  • pedram varposhty

The phone is perfectc with a reasonable price and good features.
battery life is superb. I think the only problem with this phone is it's design and montage quality, the montage quality is lower than other nokia phones.
but the phone is great it's one of the most perfect cellphones nokia ever produced.

  • Sobin

Only a basic phone with features not more than 3310 or 3315. But price is high compared to them.

  • James

The manual enclosed with my Nokia 1600 is not detailed.I find it difficult operating the keyguard code. Ps help.

  • Alex

The speediest, the most reliable with the best battery life and reception cell phone I've ever had. It's a PHONE don't expect extra features but it does what it does REALLY WELL.
It's also fun to use and costs only 69

  • kingdance

hye all...

this is a gud news for all 1600 owners..

i find out that 1600 data cable is

compatible with -:

motorola a, c, e, & v-series

sony cybershot...

u all can download software from websites or

dealer/service center...

thank you... =)

  • Smruti

I can't downlode ringtone.theme etc.Please sugest me how to downlode ringtone,theme,screen server etc


  • Anonymous

Hi i am Ajmal from Mirpur and very sad to buy Nokia 1600 because Nokia 1600 does't have Data Cable.

  • gheby

can u take the cucu with this phone?

  • chandra shekhar

I bought a nokia 1600 model few days back, i am all confused about how to download ringtones. Though i send SMS i am getting SMS charge deducted still i am not able to download any ringtone. Anyone who knows about this please inform me

  • Deevan

i bought nokia 1600 few days before, and for me its still confusing, firstly about the ringtones, can this phone download mp3, polyphonic or wallpapers, if can how to do it?