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  • dapperdan
  • g3B
  • 22 Mar 2021

using almost 3 years,just called it as a phone only the first week of use ,battery replaced , board replaced, expanding battery (lol , i mean the physical volume of the battery),overheating ,apps crash,apps freeze, zero consistence, infinite resistance , cant get a call freely, taking ages to open an app, audio glitches , camera sucks , no use of the phone without internet cuz freaky google everything even those days (though its convinient now), lets skip about gaming, even miniclip ones.keyboard pop up takes at least one minute inside an app. couldnt get even an emergency call pretty quickly. storage thing just always fill with actual nothing. couldnt connect to a bluetooth device and play issues as well. Anyway I am still using this masterpiece of shit cuz I got no other options from the side of finance. what I have to say is PLEASE DONT BUY THIS even this doesnt exist on brandnew market. you dont dare even to pick such a thing if you see in public trash can.JUST SPIT ON IT . wishing you a 10000 years of glory and wellbeing. TANKYOU!!!!!!

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    • Anonymous
    • xtS
    • 23 Feb 2021

    Words can’t explain how much problems I have with this phone. The camera quality is poor the memory is small despite me having an sd card. The phone is also competing with my microwave. It’s always overheating. I’m even replacing my phone tomorrow because I can’t update my WhatsApp because the phone space is small even though I only have two apps 🥲

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      • Anonymous
      • XVB
      • 22 Feb 2021

      Can anyone tell me the way to install older version of os (7.1 or even older) in this phone please? I have one that has 8.1 installed. It is slow, very very slow. But it is compact in size and if i could make it a little bit faster, than i would be able to use it as a phone for primary communications.

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        • Anonymous
        • t0L
        • 11 Feb 2021

        everything is bad except for the display quality.. once you load up a movie or a youtube video you can watch it without a hassle but forget about multi tasking. even whatsapp call can get closed without a notice and i cant even play an hour of music without having to reload the app.

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          • Putra
          • tDP
          • 02 Feb 2021

          how to install lolipop version on this phone? ^-^

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            • Jack
            • rve
            • 27 Jan 2021

            Anonymous, 16 Jan 2021It's the worst phone I've ever used in my life. C... moreIt is the worst piece of garbage ever. Apps continously freeze. Always running out of space. Camera takes forever to open. The Old Nokia 3310 would be a better option

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              • Anonymous
              • xtS
              • 16 Jan 2021

              It's the worst phone I've ever used in my life. Camera is horrible and the space is smaller than an ant. It's always overheating. I honestly don't know how I've used this phone for more than a year. I don't advice anyone to get it. The battery is also whack. Doesn't last for a long time.

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                • Anonymous
                • ubI
                • 15 Jan 2021

                Serbian guy, 06 Jan 2021I am using this phone forced by poverty, it is slow with no... more😥😥😥

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                  • 6
                  • ubI
                  • 15 Jan 2021

                  Empire Mate, 18 Dec 2020I regret buying this Nokia Android version... what a waste ... moreVery bad. I'm mislucky. Ot is my the wrost waste of 7600/-BDT...

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                    • Serbian guy
                    • JKV
                    • 06 Jan 2021

                    I am using this phone forced by poverty, it is slow with no memory, you can only have one app at the time. But 8.1 platform makes him finish the main operations.

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                      • some random person
                      • vuC
                      • 05 Jan 2021

                      The Nokia 2.0 is a good first phone. It is my first phone, I got it early 2020 and it still works alright even now. However, its still not the best. There isn't much space, and the camera seems to bug out every-now-and-then. Some of my apps lag a lot and it's only just happened recently. When you first get it its fine, and you have no issues -- if it lasts longer will have problems. But, I'll cut it some slack because technology isn't always perfect. Most stores sell them at cheap prices, I think I got mine for about $100 at Woolworths? I guess the downside also is that not many stores sell good cases for Nokia 2.0s, so you have to be extra careful not to drop your phone. But don't worry too much either, because they are pretty sturdy. I've had my fair share of dropping my phone and it still works perfectly fine with a good screen. The quality is actually pretty good. You can get some nice pictures and videos and the overall playback quality is decent for a cheap phone.

                      If I had to give it a rating I'd give it 3 stars. I'd say only buy it if you want something cheap and good to use, or as a first phone.

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                        • Solo
                        • B{w
                        • 01 Jan 2021

                        It says that there's supposed to be 8GB free, but that's a lie. It's actually 4GB because the "System" takes about 4.07GB on my phone at least and that's just how it came. I'm currently shopping for micro-SD cards because other apps which come with the phone take almost 2GB so in reality you have a bit over 2GB for your music, your personally download apps, pictures etc. So if you want it get an SD card and I you don't good decision.

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                          • Empire Mate
                          • Nue
                          • 18 Dec 2020

                          I regret buying this Nokia Android version... what a waste of my little money😂😂 the phones slow like hell and a blink on the screen every 4 second! You guys just destroy your reputation with this useless sets of android version y’all venture into!!!!

                          I won’t advice anyone going for an android phone to give any Nokia android phone a trial at all okay.

                          From me to you don’t just waste you money on any of this product.
                          Thanks ✊🏻

                            • f
                            • frank
                            • Nu6
                            • 15 Dec 2020

                            Ferdy, 27 Oct 2020can i install Lolipop OS on this phone?? :vit is very very bad both the battery is very good

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                              • ANUJRA
                              • teq
                              • 05 Dec 2020

                              Totally unsatisfied. An extremely sluggish phone.It destroys the name of Nokia.

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                                • Justin hecker
                                • gNT
                                • 27 Oct 2020

                                Nokia 2 buttery good but very lagin phone very bad phone nokia2 .ram 1 gb , procecer very bad 225 .i knwo Nokia2 word no 1 bad phone.nokia2 better to ato back big problem havy game not supported. I hate nokia2. my mony lose

                                  • F
                                  • Ferdy
                                  • Kxb
                                  • 27 Oct 2020

                                  can i install Lolipop OS on this phone?? :v

                                    • D
                                    • AnonD-82756
                                    • nEC
                                    • 18 Oct 2020

                                    Nokia, 16 Mar 2020It is a budget phone and it you want it to perform somewhat... moreMaybe a budget phone but it does not perform at all it's not fit for purpose this one should of never got to the market.

                                    Nokia should of seeded android go to this handset instead of taking the Pee out of its customers with this stock Android just can't run on this.

                                      • J
                                      • Jammy
                                      • ut5
                                      • 17 Oct 2020

                                      I am using Nokia 2 since 2017 Dec. The battery back up is good lasting for 2days, with minimum usage for calls, browsing, WhatsApp and with minimal gaming.
                                      Camera selfie and rare, not that precise. 8Gb memory is a concern here with 1Gb Ram.
                                      Even with using class 10 SD card seems not that great

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • Nu6
                                        • 27 Sep 2020

                                        My own Nokia 2 went off and it cannot boot to window, it seems it cannot be repaired because different engineers have tried