Nokia 2100

Nokia 2100

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  • patha

It was my 1st 4n tooo! After i met my gf it gave a great service to connect myself and my ever loving gf! Thnkss 2100

  • mickey

Nokia 2100 was my brothers first mobile phone untill he lost it somewhere in Delhi. Bought for a hefty 4500/-(for same cost you can buy a cheaper tablet today)but in those days picture messaging was both fun and expensive and quite a luxury. 2100 had a paint function where you can create your own art and send it to other phone which can show it. Quite funny. It supported black and white arts presaved in the memory for your use to send for different times for example birthday cakes or rose. It supported designer logos with bsnl operator. My brother must have had good times with it. Clear sounds, and it supported conference calling if i am not mistaking. The battery back up was superb. The phone fell in water like all my brother's phones as he is careless. But it was saved and running :)

  • Rasheed

It was my first mobile , Still I remember those wonderful days....

  • Ranjith

it was ma 1st phone.
1 of d superb phone tat nokia had ever made..

  • ajigagas

flash it with cyanogenmod 10.1 and got faster.. :)

  • ajigagas

flash it with cyanogenmod 10.1 and got faster.. :)

  • Prash

My First phone... I had a very good experience & lots of memory....

  • AnonD-95305

its my dad's first phone. I used to play space impact game in this phone. Most of my childhood memories bonded with this phone. Best phone ever. . .i really love it

  • ashraff

i. .thik is a good mobile. .i was an experience that my nokia 2100 is break his LCD but ill use it

  • Amit

sunny, 31 Jul 2012i am very lucky whybecues i have rhis mobileIt is my Fist phone most lovely phone i have .It is my fisrt Phone lovely feature.This phone recauly my school memory many of my memory is associated with this phone.Best phone I ever had

  • AnonD-23465

Was my first phone...i totally miss phone ever...

  • klimen

Thelma, 09 Nov 2012I have a new phone now but I want my old Nokia 2100 message aler... morehi.. i can help you.

  • Anonymous

My current mobile =D

  • Pantho Porag

my first hand set and i love it very much.
Now i have smartphone but this handset includes my best moment.
So this is my first & loving phone forever.

  • Thelma

I have a new phone now but I want my old Nokia 2100 message alert tone. name is "Special"
Can anyone please help ?

  • hasan

my nostalgia & my first phone

  • OIC

Nokia 2100!........
Simply the best handset ever, was'nt my first phone but was the second, great game (space impact) Entertained me a lot. I thought why people nokia 1100 instead of this? however this is the most entertaining phone i've ever used then,,, In my all time best phones list,
#1 is sony xperia ray,
#2 is ericsson t28/t36 or nokia n96
#3 is nokia 2100

  • Kuldeep Kumar Sharma

My first phone " White ka Jaadu".
nice phone.

  • sunny

my 1st handset its just gr8.. love this handset.

  • kaj

great fone! its hard to find a battery in my area so i modified one =) and it works great.