Nokia 2110

Nokia 2110

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  • Grant Donnelly

I need A operation's manual please

  • Ivan

Good phone. You forgot to mention that it has 125 memory places in phone!

  • diaconu silviu

can i up date the software for nokia 2110?
if i can ,how can i do that?
thank you very much?

  • vycka


  • habib

this version looks great, but i am poor man from Bangladesh and cant purchase this mobile, though passionate for it..

wish u ver good luck..

  • HI & HELLO

this is probably the best phone nokia ever made! its the best looking one & its got the newest technology out of oll nokias! i'm not being sarcastic!

  • hitesh

i want to buy this phone,please assit,bye

  • Kutu KL

Ni tipon buat baling anjing ni!

  • Rob

Sturdy phone, not one for posing!
Excellent, easy to use, but the battery life is quite short.