Nokia 220 4G

Nokia 220 4G

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Bring back Eseries.

Is this phone KaiOS or Series 30+

  • Anon

No kaios and no Whatsapp! You’re kiddong me. Why does hmd waste time refreshing old phones when the other one was fine. No card slot either lmao. Yes 4g but Kaios should be on all their feature phones now with whatsapp. Missed a trick there!

Nokia should bring back Nokia E52

  • akw

it should have 3G too! with 4G and 2G , it should have more storage because of camera , and more storage to have long name for saving in contacts

  • akw

this is a big joke! at least for 2019! dude it have a 0.3 Camera with 320p@15fps video recording! then you only have 24MB internal storage and no SD CARD slot! they should make a non-camera phone with high internal storage ! they can have different model with/without camera , sd-card , music playing , bluetooth for reciving file such as video and music , a good phone with high storage , good os , and non - camera is a amazing phone , it can have a sd card for having files like a cool disk , they can have models which play music , videos , and showing pictures

  • awd

have camera, but no have micro sd card. nice

  • Anonymous

no sd card what is that

  • Anonymous

whats the use of this LTE if it doesnt have WLAN as to use as hotspot/secondary phone/ or pocketwifi instead

  • Aadrian

elsa, 24 Jul 2019`who`s gonna buy something like this in 2019???seriously???Someone who just wants to have a mobile phone to make phonecalls or send a tekst message now and then?

  • pathumsk

feel like it will be better to re lounge phones like 6300, C5, C3-01 or even a low cost modle of E5 as still there will be people who would love to buy better quality features phones like samsung metro 360

  • Anonymous

there's reason, why nokia go down

  • elsa

`who`s gonna buy something like this in 2019???seriously???

Nice flagship.
On a single charge it can outrun any other phone like XS Mas or Note 9 or note 10 even a Rog 2 wouldnt last this long on a single charge.