Nokia 220 4G

Nokia 220 4G

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  • Yasin Tamim

Can anyone let me know please, does it have the feture to provide internet to other phone via hotspot?

Thank you,

Yasin Tamim

  • Spiderman

The black is more acceptable as color, compared to this plastic bucket's blue. For sure HMD/Nokia will sink-out all Nordic brands... ( No trust ! )

Does this phone support Java jar/jad files or just those *.vxp files of S30+ platforms ?

Or maybe I have to look for a mini smart phone ? Still Fearing to have a badly crafted device, with a very busy Android that consume the battery, or a bug in the firmware...
It was more easy to purchase a phone in 2004~2014 than in these days !

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2019Excluding smartphones, only Nokia 8110 4G supports WhatsApp. I think the Nokia 2720 4G flip also supports Whatsapp, at least the pictures show the option in the menu.

  • AnonD-885307

Just don't buy it, go for 3310 instead. It has a terrible User Interface. Why Nokia why. I bought this phone for basic phone calling and now I'm regretting it. The contact search is disgusting. Literally you don't have any control over your phone. Even the settings menu is a joke, because of it's limited options. I guess they designed the UI for a touch screen phone not a T9 keyboard phone.

  • Jahid

Nokia 220 or nokia 3310..?

  • Sajan

Nokia 216 and 220 m phone are very bad phone due to battery timeing and lcd resulation is week keypaid is so hard and 3rd class for typeing we not accept this type of phone.

  • Neck

I hate this kind of opperating system so slow and hard to use. I prefer the old C2 01, hey nokia bring this phone back out

  • Sh

Sanka, 29 Oct 2019Very Bad Phone in Nokia Company.. Very very Bad Experience ... moreTrue

  • Sh

Very bad color ,, very small fonts ,, very bad ringtones

nice phone. but sound quality very very very very very ......poor

  • Ramakanth

Where I can buy this Nokia 220 4g phone?

  • Anonymous

Hmd is enjoying the legacy of old NOKIA , But can't match the quality of the old nokia . There's a lot issues with their phones , charging issue , battery issue etb

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  • PK

Does Nokia 220 4G support Call recording and personal Hotspot?

  • AnonD-82756

Sound quality of this handset is awful how on earth can they release this

  • Pungi

Thank you Nokia for all this electronic and plastic waste you pollute the earth with.

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2019Lots of people making comments without using their so calle... moreVery true.

  • sameera wijesooriya

I want to know that contact number can be save the email acc ?

  • Anonymous

Lots of people making comments without using their so called "Common Sense". What will you expect to a featured, basic, keypad phone? Go buy high end phones and leave this poor thing alone.

  • Anonymous

Is this available in the philippines?