Nokia 220 4G (2024) launches in India with YouTube and Snake, Nokia 235 tags along

Peter, 25 June 2024

HMD is still building old-school Nokia feature phones – well, not that old-school, this one has 4G and YouTube. This is the third device to bear the name Nokia 220 and, unlike the 2019 model, this one actually resembles the Nokia original.

The Nokia 220 4G (2024) has a large display for this type of phone, a 2.8” LCD. This is useful for the Cloud Apps features – these include full access to YouTube, even YouTube shorts. Other cloud apps bring news, weather and more to the phone.

Nokia 220 4G (2024) launches in India with YouTube and Snake, Nokia 235 tags along

Other entertainment options include Snake (of course), as well as an MP3 player (you will need a microSD card) and an FM radio. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack, so any wired headphones work.

You can go wireless too, as the Nokia 220 supports Bluetooth headphones and speakers. Other connectivity includes LTE with two SIM cards on board.

The 1,450mAh battery promises to go days between charges and charging is done with a USB-C cable. The battery is removable, so you can always carry a spare too, something that hasn’t been possible with smartphones for years.

Nokia 220 4G (2024) Nokia 220 4G (2024)
Nokia 220 4G (2024)

The 220 is quite similar to the Nokia 235 4G (2024), except for one thing – it doesn’t have a camera. Not a huge loss, perhaps, considering that the 235 has a 2MP sensor, but still, the price difference between the two isn’t huge. Plus, there is still an LED on the back to be used as a flashlight.

The Nokia 220 4G (2024) is available in India starting today with an MSRP of ₹4,500, but if you visit the online store, you will see a ₹3,250 price tag. There are two colors available: Peach and Black.

Nokia 220 4G (2024) in: Peach Nokia 220 4G (2024) in: Black
Nokia 220 4G (2024) in: Peach • Black

Speaking of the Nokia 235 4G (2024), this is now available in India too (it first launched in Europe in April). It’s basically the same phone, except for the 2MP camera that we mentioned. Its MSRP is ₹5,000, but the price right now is ₹3,750 (₹500 more than the camera-less 220).

Nokia 235 4G (2024) in: Blue Nokia 235 4G (2024) in: Purple Nokia 235 4G (2024) in: Black
Nokia 235 4G (2024) in: Blue • Purple • Black

Note: according to the specs, the Cloud Apps services are not available in Europe and China, which is something to keep in mind if/when the 220 becomes available in those markets. This is already the case for the 235.



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  • Minu
  • 30 Jun 2024
  • ter

He's more or less the same as any Indian YouTuber, except for the saturated British accent. Just paid promotions and nothing groundbreaking.

something i can agree, a flashdrive could be convenient. but not permanently attached to the smartphone.

You forget some more thing: Wired audio always sounds better than wireless audio, even on mainstream level. Also, wired audio has zero latency and universal compatibility compared to wireless audio. P.S. Not only ASUS put the headphone jack back...

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