Nokia 222

Nokia 222

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  • Anonymous

This phone series has no support for java or symbian apps, so u cant dwnload any app or has smthng called vxp in it..even the music player shows only the full song list, no support for sorting as albums

  • Anonymous

Yup great for making calls

  • Anonymous

Its another crap from Nokia. No java. Only for calling

  • AnonD-419683

:v 34$? i hope 20$

  • thule

haha, how many SMS can be stored in this handset??
50, 100 or 150?

:) :) :)

  • AnonD-105795

Haha, this one has fm radio that most ppl want.

  • Zvjer

Niloy, 25 Aug 2015price?37$

  • AnonD-252937

it's $37 (without taxes), it's pretty expensive for what it offers

  • A

Battery life???

  • AnonD-433741

- If u need Normal phone (just for calling & texting) go to samsung E1200 ,, read more:­.php

  • Anonymous

3g option could have been better

  • Anonymous

NeonHD, 25 Aug 2015"12MB RAM" OMG what a spec beast!!!!!But at least its got a microSD storage expansion slot by 32gb.

What would you store on it though??? :-P

  • Niloy


I am not interested in these hybrid Microsoft and Nokia phones any more. I bought a Nokia 215 for my mother, and it's not really a good phone. The backside of the phone gets scratched even when absolutely nothing can cause it! The navigation wheel is poor. The OS is really bad. I decided to not go Samsung route for cheap phones as I had poor experience with one of those, but this phone wasn't worth buying anyway.

So I expect this upgraded 222 model will be more or less same. I wanted a pure Nokia, not some hybrid nonsense.

"12MB RAM" OMG what a spec beast!!!!!

  • AnonD-381966

this phone very similar with my nokia 215.. sms capacity is small, sms/call ringtone not louder.. and when i set volume ringtone to maximum 100%, after play games the volume always automatic back to 50%.. im tired if always changing volume again.. i hate my 215..
if u like keypad phone better spend more few money to buy s40 phone like nokia 208 or nokia 301.. both phone model same as nokia 215/222 also.. with 3G and java games..

  • deny

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2015lol yes flagship hahahh shame its 2G who even uses 2g now? most ... moreIt's a cheap feature phone ....if you want 4g,1080p screen,8cores,2gb ram ....go buy a

  • stalker

what???please nokia,i want your phone 100% android...
no java phone...very old

  • vishnu

i am waiting for 2017 for nokia upcoming ....

  • daemon

i always love nokia.. nokia forever. stil using nokia 1100 . n it rocks... droped over 2000 time n still it functions