Nokia 222

Nokia 222

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  • tbf

nice camera and battry is good

  • unknwn

nazzi, 25 Mar 2016does the nokia 222 support whatsappIs a NYC phone but y didn't HV watsap...

  • AnonD-528100

Not Working with Nokia PC Suite

  • Anonymous

Got flash when using camera.

  • AnonD-150002

Michelle, 14 Feb 2016Hey guys, what type of micro sd card can i use with this phone.Any!

  • AnonD-150002

joke fb, 11 Jan 2016That default facebook is not a application that is facebook logo... moreNo truth in that statement, I do go to FB with it and even downloaded Messenger and workd 100%. Just a bit slow and yes no Whatsapp but does Whatsapp really have to control our lives now??

  • AnonD-150002

No no no

  • nazzi

does the nokia 222 support whatsapp

  • Katie

Nice phone. I love it. Sound, camera and connectivity are great.

  • moideen

Is some one can reply about sound clarity of this phone and signal coverage.

  • robinzep

Please Nokia-Microsoft, release a smarter versión. You can do it better.

  • shravan

worst mobile not living me to delete contacts in the sim and asking security code. not reading memory card.

  • hey

looks like the 215 model but with a tougher shell..

  • me

AnonD-492824, 25 Jan 2016this phone wont play music ive transfered from my laptop via the... moretry download mp3s from

  • Anonymous

dont buy this stupid phone. u can't play music by album only

  • leo

it has gameloft games preinstalled and my son sent tons of sms to get some games ... sevral times .. I want to delete the games but I am not allowed

  • AnonD-507709

Does the things what a cell phone was planned bfore - call to someone. It's a phone, not a semi- or fullsmartphone with great camera or ability to use all the apps may b used to. As a backup phone, it's working just as real one can hope. If u buy this and feel that u have dropped back to 90's (if u were even born then...), u had too high hopes. Primary to this price phone is the last of the battery and talking time - it fills all xpectations.

  • antonnymous

Michelle, 14 Feb 2016Hey guys, what type of micro sd card can i use with this phone.I just bought this 222 for my old man. Since he only could make call and sms - slow typing - and hear music, so this phone is good for him.
BUT this phone actually suck, for his low price, it's too expensive!
- bad screen, need looking from 30cm to get no dark area screen
- can't save multiple number on one contact
- no memo like others said
- fonts look back to 90 oldschool
- no flash, didn't realize before bough
The only good thing - beside long lasting battery - is this brings back memories, with still nokia logo.

  • Michelle

Hey guys, what type of micro sd card can i use with this phone.

  • Anonymous

VERY HOT in BLACK, 01 Feb 2016its one of my fvrt phonenokia 222 me urdu language h keya