Nokia 225

Nokia 225

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  • Hojaifa

Nokia 225 er price

  • Tahir

Hi dear,
required this mobile set at once in pakistan

  • Nag

Him, 02 Mar 2015WhatsappWorst mobile

  • R1

Lekre, 30 Aug 2020The facebook is no working Facebook working best button phone

  • Lekre

Dung Dreemurr, 08 Aug 2020Facebook is end of support last july(i think?) The facebook is no working

  • Dung Dreemurr

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2020Facebook not open why? on nokia 225Facebook is end of support last july(i think?)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-487304, 05 Jan 2018This is so far the worst piece of junk phone i've ever boug... moreAgreed

  • Anonymous

Kuler, 27 Aug 2015Face book is very slowFacebook not open why? on nokia 225

  • Sk.Atikur

Aman, 01 Feb 2020In my nokia 225 facebook app did not work.Nice mobile
My febarat

  • Alamin

jangam balram, 28 May 2018Opermini us breweserInternet google & Facebook apps not saportet

  • Aman

Sahil kumar, 19 Aug 2015My nokia asha225 facebook not work tell me how i can update... moreIn my nokia 225 facebook app did not work.

  • Rs

Aziz, 23 Aug 2015Nokia 225 is very good but now a days that one not supporte... moreFb app no longer supported er solution

  • Bakr

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2017Facebook download Good

  • Anonymous

Lakhamty, 05 Jul 2015Nokia 225Why?no use facebook and whatsapp

  • Abhinav

milli, 21 Jun 2015health 67152 vxp works in nokia 225. download from dmax wap... morePlz give download link

Can we view saved name and contact number at same time in saved contacts.many new nokia phones(i.e 3310 216 etc) dont have such option to change in settings


  • Anonymous

Chiu, 23 Jun 2015Plz help me i want to use whatsapp for nokia 225Nokia 225 phone not responding whatsapp like apps

I saw this phone at a Tesco in August 2014

  • adi

how many sms saved in this i have 6303 almost 7000 sms saved

That 2.8" screen, still small for 2018 standards but big for a feature phone of this form factor, it's weird.