Nokia 225

Nokia 225

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  • Abhinav

milli, 21 Jun 2015health 67152 vxp works in nokia 225. download from dmax wapka mobi.Plz give download link

Can we view saved name and contact number at same time in saved contacts.many new nokia phones(i.e 3310 216 etc) dont have such option to change in settings


  • Anonymous

Chiu, 23 Jun 2015Plz help me i want to use whatsapp for nokia 225Nokia 225 phone not responding whatsapp like apps

I saw this phone at a Tesco in August 2014

  • adi

how many sms saved in this i have 6303 almost 7000 sms saved

That 2.8" screen, still small for 2018 standards but big for a feature phone of this form factor, it's weird.

  • Kalim

How can download whatsapp in nokia225

  • Anonymous

aliraza, 16 Dec 2015can v download whatsaap in nokia225 Yes download

  • jangam balram

OSSY, 24 Dec 2015I don't like nokia 225 phone. That,s d worst nokia phone i 've e... moreOpermini us breweser

  • Aniku

Aman, 12 Mar 2018Yes i want whatsapIt's a nice and lovely nokia phone

  • AnonD-211201

Sach, 04 Sep 2016Both nokia 220 and 225 are worsed mobile.It only know to write "... moreNice comment I thought to buy it.

  • Aman

Abhishek, 08 Jun 2015Cannot support whatsappYes i want whatsap

  • Ibrar

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2017How to change in this phone navigation keys? Or how to do that i... moreSMS memory cupsty

  • vishal

Nokia 225 is not java but is not java which app is run on nokia

  • Madaan

How to add black list nombar

  • Lovi

This phone is great for people who only need phone for talking, sms, listening radio or music from sd card. On stand-by it can hold 5-7 days. I have this phone for 2 yrs now and it is great! Also one great thing about this phone is that after so many times that has dropped to floor and it still working perfectly and no screen cracked or any damdge.

  • AnonD-487304

This is so far the worst piece of junk phone i've ever bought. Nokia guys you sold to microsoft but if this is what they have done with this nokia 225, made in vietnam. Then i have pulled myself from Nokia. the message typing the slowest, you cannt even import a phone contact on the messaging template. Shameeee...

  • AnonD-701573

AnonD-670305, 23 Jun 2017english word [ null ] is appearing on my main screen how to remo... moreyou need to go to the setings and select menu bar(or how is it called) and select off

  • Anonymous

Ajay, 30 Mar 2017How Wats App DownloadWhatsApp 225 nokia

  • Anonymous

Ajay, 30 Mar 2017How Wats App DownloadFacebook download