Nokia 225 4G

Nokia 225 4G

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  • Anonymous

Does it have a vibration motor?
I can not find

  • Anonymous

msharif77, 21 Oct 2020Why can't HMD create a phone like Nokia X2-02? It h... moreIn this day and age, email client means you need strong internet security support with software updates. Otherwise dealings of energy companies with sons of powerful people become public.

  • Anonymous

64MB on dumbphone is a lot. USB 2.0 and not 1.1 is very nice. The 0.3 megapixel is awful, maybe you can take a picture of a qr code then load it on your PC and read it there. Maybe not.
What makes or breaks it is call quality, and whether you can find out by reading a real review! So that you have a good conversation on the phone.

  • Jeetu

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2020Does nokia 225 4g had a call recording facility?Yes

  • Anonymous

Hotspot & WiFi facilities available in keypad mobile

  • Hana

Anonymous, 20 Oct 20204g ? what for ?For VoLTE, better call quality

  • Anonymous

it supports jio sim

Does anyone know when is the release date in Europe?

SA Woodlawn, 26 Oct 2020HMD has no strategy at all: -why bother with a 0.3 MP came... moreThat's why they released the Nokia 215 4G, the same phone (functionality wise) without a camera

  • Anonymous

Does nokia 225 4g had a call recording facility?

  • Anonymous

It's a very good FEATURE phone at this price point. Nokia always tries for something new. Dual 4 g volte, wireless fm and digital detox what more can u expect from a feature phone? Best 4g feature phone of 2020. Keep it up nokia. I liked ur 225 4g nokia.

HMD has no strategy at all:
-why bother with a 0.3 MP camera at all? This space could've contributed towards battery.
-4G without hotspot is plain stupid.
-instead of more RAM, they should of gone with more storage so more messages and logs could be stored.
-The software (S30+) is absolutely painful to use, they should used S40+ instead from those Asha phones.

  • AnonD-82756

They have also all the games on the main screen which you can't remove despite people saying it sucks as there permanant on the screen at least put a games app on screen so you have to go into it to see the games.

  • Anonymous

Gooood phone!

  • Anonymous

Anand Jain, 21 Oct 2020Does it support 4g VoLTE on both sims? Yes.

  • sud

how many contacts can be saved in the phonebook?

Adithya, 22 Oct 2020To clear some doubts: 1. Not smarter than Jio Phone. 2. F... moreYou have phone? What os it use? I dont think s30 need 64mb ram and 1ghz soc, did they add j2me support?

  • Adithya

To clear some doubts:
1. Not smarter than Jio Phone.
2. For Nokia lovers and looking forward to a no frills phone
3. It supports 4G but not whatsapp. One can use Hotspot though

  • AnonD-82756

Tech word, 20 Oct 2020Is this a Kaios phoneNo

  • Anonymous

WhatsApp supported or not???