Nokia 225 Dual SIM

Nokia 225 Dual SIM

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  • Rocky Das

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2014no picture zooming,,,,,, unable to read a book///// a great draw... moreIt was a bed mobile bcz this mobile fb app not to download

  • Shubham

How to download uc browse or opera mini or what'sapp for this phone?????

  • Papu

Nokia is no doubtly a good brand. But nokia 225 is n't a well phone from all point of is good acording to the does not support java app,but it support some "VXP" app live OPERA MINI 4.4.VXP & like some vxp games.

  • AnonD-336958

just bought my own unit. i actually bought this to make my life hassle free. the battery is undoubtedly excellent but i just dont like the music player. number one reason is i can't type to search for a song; instead, i have to punch the navigators till i find the song. the headset has bad quality too! and one more thing: typing sms seems so slow. encoding each character seems lagging...

  • tsumairi

How do I download Whatsapp program for this mobile ??

  • naim

this phone does support any HQ video, HQ picture, any software. sometime i cannot download any vital information from Internet.

  • younis

it is not connected with pc via pc suite so i can,t called good set nokia 225

  • AnonD-335188

does this phone support call recording facility or any other software available for call recording??

  • AnonD-335188

can this model run watsApp

  • Sameer

I am telling those that they are supposed to buy this phone , just waste of money, however the style is good but the features are totally worst, Nokia 1280 is more better then this device

  • Anonymous

no picture zooming,,,,,, unable to read a book///// a great drawback other wise its good and stylish

  • Appu

No nokia store, no download other money is gone

  • A P

How to change camera shortcut on home screen to contact shortcut?
Somebody please tell.

  • nabil

how to save things in phone memory rather than SD card? no option for changing memory place???

  • nabil

how to save things in phone memory rather than SD card? no option for changing memory place???

  • Anonymous

These phone dn,t download

  • richa

sanket (7677603340), 24 Oct 2014this model needs so many corrections in camera option bluetoo... moreHi Sanket...could u pls let me know of Nokia 225 has text msg delivery report
option...would like to buy this phone...

  • Anonymous

No Phone Memory, No Photo zoom.unable to format the memory card through phone. its very Bad Phone . dont buy the phone. my money is gone...........

  • BK

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2014This Feedback to Nokia problem is really ***ing me off. I did th... moreThese apps use the configurations in a different way (proxy, HTTP, ), therefore, you cannot conclude from one to another. Menu » Settings » Connectivity » Dual SIM »
Mobile data connection: On?
Mobile data » Data roaming: Allow roaming (just for testing)?
Mobile data » Access points » SIM1 » Options » Add » Access point name (APN): internet
Did that help?

  • Raja

samfern srilanka, 09 Nov 2014whats app not's not supporting java.the interface ... moreGood