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Nokia 230

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  • Arjun Rishi

A great keyapd phone by Nokia till now. Not much changes in the software but some apps like WhatsApp and other apps can be installed.
Speaking of the looks- EXCELLENT. This time I am impressed that Nokia has concentrated on outer looks also. It is slightly bigger than Iphone 4s. It is slim and stylish. Its mettalic looks are just GOOD. It has aluminium back with sandrust. The screen is slightly bigger than Nokia 225. Like its earlier series there is no space between the keys. Somethimg very new and good is the front camera with flash and the rest camera with flash. The rest camera could be improved but the front camera is good, it has clarity.
So overall it is good phone with good features in this range. Ideal for working class and if you are looking for a phone for your kids and if you are avoiding smartphones. They can too fulfill their selfie desires.

  • Arjun Rishi

What I think, it is the best keypad phone from Nokia till now. This time Nokia has also concentrated on its looks along with the features.
A great mettalic body which is actually alumi

  • vipul

yugalsharma, 31 May 2016Is whatsapp working on this and can I surf the internet in pc us... moreYes WhatsApp can be installed

  • vipul

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2016is it dual sim supportedYes, it is dual sim.

  • Anamika.

Nokia 230 is no doubt a very good dual sim phone with excellent features. It has dual camera also with led flash. I have both Nokia 225 and Nokia 230, for my younger brother and both are very good indeed. We are very happy purchasing it. Thank you Nokia ! I wish if now Nokia would release a very smart looking Quewerty phone in various colours!

  • Anonymous

is it dual sim supported

  • Anonymous

Does it have multimedia message feature ?

  • io

AnonD-543852, 01 Jun 2016is this nokia 230 have messenger , twiiter and facebook ?it has facebook but i cant install whatsapp. dont know about twitter. my handset has it preinstalled but i have never accessed it.

  • AnonD-543852

is this nokia 230 have messenger , twiiter and facebook ?


Can i install whatsapp on this mobile?

  • Zahid jee

Have a wifi in Nokia 230 + 3g or 4g

  • yugalsharma

Is whatsapp working on this and can I surf the internet in pc using this?

  • deire

Turkey, 23 May 2016Hey guys if you're looking for the heavens and stars on this S40... moreits s30 platform. with s40 device many customers wouldnt have to look for a smartphone.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Soni, 21 May 2016hii, can we use whats up in this phone??Noo

  • Raja

Nokia 230 mobile is really one of the successful model of Nokia brand. This is the complete phone for calling and texting and also you can enjoy good multimedia like mp3, videos and photos. Multimedia is working fully fast. No doubt battery is also lasting long. And if we analize market we find all the China company like Micromax, Lava, Hitech, Gionee are trying to copy Nokia brand. They are making keypad mobile in lots of type in different model. But nobody is satisfying with their products. Because there product is not reached to Nokia level if compare. There mobile body is very weak whereas Nokia is too hardy. There mobile is slower in apps while Nokia is faster. There mobile is difficult to use but Nokia is very easy. After all this dissimilarities there price is same as Nokia. So I don't think Any body is so fool those who buy that type worst mobile. Nokia is Great. Thanks to Nokia. Be continue making complete mobile. And don't think anything because not a single company in the world compare to your level. Keep going......

  • Paul

can i talk with bluetooth handsfree?

  • Michael

Turkey, 23 May 2016Hey guys if you're looking for the heavens and stars on this S40... moreHi there, funnily enough being as I'm wishing to buy this phone and live in Istanbul, Turkey I saw your review.

I just want a simple duel sim phone that has what's app on it however I'm actually avoiding getting an Internet phone as to be honest the Internet is to invasive for me IE I'm on my iPad all the time.

If you live in Turkey you must know that forine phones have to be registered which I also cannot be bothered to do.

Sooooo........ If you have brought this phone and don't like it and it's in black I may be interested in buying it off you ?

My e mail is

Cheers, Michael

  • dhiva

Can we use tamil language in this mobile

  • Anonymous

1000 entries phone name is to low make one telephone anlimitet entry with key pat like Nokia E52