Nokia 230

Nokia 230

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  • Ashiq

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2016230 is only a brother of 215, 220, 225. It doesn't support any d... moreHey,friend,Nokia,230 support WhatsApp .go to WhatsApp website and goto downloads there is s40 WhatsApp phone supported list at last there is Nokia 230

  • Graham Bond

Nokia always leaves footprints in our eyes and in our hearts with such beautifully designed phones.The white 230 is extremely beautiful!

  • Fellini Federico

True strength exists in the spirit and creativity,not in muscles.I like Nokia mobiles and moreover i like the design of 230...Simply unmatched by any other phone!

  • Anonymous

vico, 11 Jan 2016My cheap android smartphone supports whatsapp and has everything... moreThere are still people who want these phones. People who just want a non-frills phone with basic connectivity options. Nigeria, India are still part of the world where people will be more than content with such products.

It is true that the product is overpriced a bit but the design doesn't suck like the other feature phones it is competing with.

  • cctv

Atleast this phone should be made on S60 platform with multitusking. Don't know why nokia or microsoft hide S60 platform and continuously releases phones on S30 or S40 platforms which are more useless in these smartphone era.If they bring these phones with S60 platform, there will be a tough competetion between low budget androids and nokia. Now what Nokia/Microsoft thinks is totally uncontemporary.

  • David Bowie

Legends never die.

  • vico

shi, 05 Jan 2016it doesn't work Whatsapp,My cheap android smartphone supports whatsapp and has everything I need. (wifi, autofocus, no SMS limit, many apps, 3G etc.)

  • oleen

Its for normal people phone

  • W.C. Fields

Nokia is the birthplace of creativity!Nice phone...

  • Anaxagoras

This is not a smartphone.This is a feature phone and it is a very good phone.

  • Anonymous

No 4g, even 2G!...
No Wifi...
240p camera?
When Nokia completely left planet EARTH, we'll have it as better than before.

  • Lubem

This phone would have been a better small, smart and luxury phone if Nokia had allow it to support the JAVA Apps (MIDP).

  • Anonymous

230 is only a brother of 215, 220, 225. It doesn't support any downloadable app. It hasn't Whattsapp. Internet capability, very limited, 2G network, only browsing on some sites, no email. Can't read any document. Some phones have problems with microphone and/or speaker, voice leakeage. This phone is really good only for calls, sms, pictures (only 2 mp camera...). The OS of the phone is S30+, which is garbage, worst than S40 of precedent (and real) Nokia phones. There are many feature phones available on market with better specs than S30+ phones from Nokia/Microsoft.

vasu, 04 Jan 2016I buy this phone yesterday phone was awesome having good look an... morePlease tell me the SAR value of this handset after referring to the user manual.

  • Niza

It could be much better if it has WIFI CAPABILITY.

  • AnonD-485827

is this good for using fb messenger? using only mobile data and is viber available?
also can somebody share their opinion about buying this unit thanks.

  • Paul Klee

''One eye sees,the other eye feels.''
I can see and i can feel that this is a good phone.

  • Dinges

Can one whatsapp with this phone?

  • Madness

Nothing more,nothing less.
Nokia is the best!

  • Nick Drake

Being unique is better than being perfect...Thanks Nokia.