Nokia 230

Nokia 230

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  • shiyapy

CDMA available ...???

  • terr

Capacity of 200 SMSes only.

  • nokialover

Anonymous, 14 Dec 2015Microsoft made Nokia's basic phones shit. The OS itself made the... moremicrosoft didn't do anything with these, they are still symbian s30+.
at least microsoft posts the specs unlike you who posts misinformation.

  • Sidney Poitier

Black and white Nokia 230 are equally beautiful!

  • AnonD-476425

this is a microsoft product. the nokia logo is confusing

  • Anonymous

Microsoft made Nokia's basic phones shit. The OS itself made the phones non customizable (themes). They made it have black background which looks boring overtime.

  • aj

I hate nokia microsoft 230.........
No java FEATURES......

  • Atif Nisar Siddiqui

Good .... need to increase RAM up to 256 MB and Screen Size up to 3.2 inches.... !

  • sandy

when the nokia 230 comes please tell me the release date

  • Groucho Marx

This is the right choice for rough users because it comes with excellent built quality.Iron Maiden should change their salute phrase "up the irons".The right one is "up the aluminums".Moreover is sleek and stylish.As always the hardware is perfect and the software is rather poor.Overall this Microsoft/Nokia phone seems to worth a try.I'll buy.

  • Bruegel

Thanks.Do something about the review also.

  • Rigel

I will get you as soon as possible when they release you.

  • Bruegel

I want Qwerty s30+ with torchlight from Microsoft flavoured Nokia.I also want a short review of this phone by Gsmarena experts.Unfortunately i don't believe in miracles.

  • Ram

love u nokia plz back

  • Country Joe&the

Nokia is connecting people with good taste.

  • Robert Rich

Only Nokia transforms simple phones to awesome.

  • Sk

nokia is very bad Company Nokia Cheats always People and Nokia phones very high Price Nokia is Dead and Nokia Failed again 2016 Samsung Beat Always Nokia In price

  • rabbi

very stylish look, hope the price fit for me to buy

  • Andy

Question: Does the phonebook support 1 contact name with multiple entries?

  • Fritz Lang

Specific absorption rate?