Nokia 2610

Nokia 2610

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  • vivid

wooooow...its a faboulous phone...muuuuaaahhh

  • baliw

nice and simple phone. good for basic users..

  • Anonymous

nice looking little phone. good for people who like basic phones. I work in a phone shop and the amount of people that come in just wanting a basic phone is huge. This will sell very well indeed...

  • Miki

Does it have GPRS ???

  • Anonymous

it doesnt seems to hav java

  • Anonymous

Can this phone download mp3 ringtones??

  • Anonymous

desing and features. this give the se jseries a big slap.

  • Dave

Very nice basic phone. Well done Nokia!

  • Andy Burgin

Nokia might think these 3 models will attract the young society but they better realise the youngans now are growing that quick an getting use to all the modern gadgets that they might have made another cock-up,Nokias use to be the top admirer for mobiles but Samsung an Sony Ericsson are producing models that are more attractive an smaller an are attract more people away from Nokia,come on Nokia produce better mobiles an smaller in size for top mobiles please

  • Anonymous

its a basic phone for the masses who have a low budjet and can't afford the new tech.

  • CL

brilliant, simple, nice and cheap. This phone will be sold in millions, just like the 1110

  • Io

I'm surprised it doesnt have a monochrome screen

  • Anonymous

Good looking design

  • Anonymous

its a smart thing to do, not all people want a phone that costs 500$ or more that has a 3mp camera, mp3 player, etc..these are good standard phone, and nokia is the only one smart enough to still make them, plus, nokia already has their line of amazing top of hte line phones, that cost tonns,

  • romcik

I really respect and like NOKIA for their phones! But when I see joke-phones like these..why would anybody need such a phone??

  • Ajay

why nokia is going backward. Nokia is just wasting time. they must concentrate on new technologies.

  • Anonymous

It's the type of phone for those people that just want a simple type of phone...Quite nice though...

  • Bogger

is good.