Nokia 2610

Nokia 2610

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  • ramlaldamorramlaldam

Nokia 2610

  • а&#107

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2015My nokia model 2610 is saying phone restricted is this fixa... more12345

  • Anonymous

text option appears to corrupt

  • Anonymous

My nokia model 2610 is saying phone restricted is this fixable its askinf enter restrictions code. Plz help

  • Sulochana

Lg phone

  • Rohit

gumki, 17 Jan 2014Using it since 2007 without any issues. Original battery st... moreyes.. HTC desire X ...with WiFi and good battery backup

  • gumki

Using it since 2007 without any issues. Original battery still lasts 2 weeks. Does anyone know of a phone with Wi-Fi support and a good battery, which is as reliable as 2610?

  • Anonymous

still using……

  • Sammy

Chundu, 08 Sep 2013Qus:- is this phone support operamini software?Yes Opera for Java phones

  • Chundu

Qus:- is this phone support operamini software?

  • Riyadh

Dom, 16 Jul 2012I've used this phone since I started high school and it's b... moredon't worry nobody will get it because Nokia has discontinued it...I still have mine as my roaming phone and alarm clock....still working excellently...sometimes simple mobile phone like this is more convenient to use.

  • Anonymous

I am using it since 2006. Very reliable. On my phone lasts original battery about 1 month (I switch it off during nights and weekends). Great value for money.

  • jack1934

I am a very senior men. I use the phone only for emergency. Now I want to use it as my regular phone. Question: Can this phone be used as a answering machine.???

  • Anonymous

Used since May 2007. Battery still lasts over 2 weeks on standby. Very reliable.

  • max_rf_pwr

It is ashame AT&T is shutting down the 2G network in 2016.

  • Geeth

I'm using this phone since April 2007. No complaints at all. Excellent phone. My rating 10/10

  • Vishal

Excellent phone and delivers the service which is expected..... I am using this phone since Jan 2006 till date...and no complaint..........

  • du-du-dude

i have been using it since it first came out , in 2006.
the only problem i ever had was the battery but once replaced the phone is as good as new.

very nice phone gets the job done perfectly.(receiving and calling).

if you want a gizmo to show off and play games , get some other model.

i have only one complaint that the screen is not visibile outdoors on a sunny day, other than that it is the perfect phone.

i rate this phone as a 10/10 .

love it.

  • finndude

I used this phone for 3 years. That was enough for me. Screen is invisible under sunlight, kb wobbles, dust sucks into screen construction and battery cover drops off too easily, no bluetooth or usb, no any camera. It was really worth of money, 30€.

  • moon

The best phon but memory is to short .I am moon mubashir