Nokia 2610

Nokia 2610

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WAOOOOOOOOO. This is best handset. I personally use it for an year and i am very satisfied from it. best best best

  • ali

Anish, 16 Jan 2012nokia 2610 mobile is a good fone to use any kind of person like ... morei agree with uuuuuuu.

  • nadeem

factory setting code is 12345

  • noddy

the reset code is *#7780#

  • Anish

nokia 2610 mobile is a good fone to use any kind of person like educated or not educated person.. i m also using this fone since oct.2006

  • shiva

how can i use the instant messaging services and emailing . can you explain in detail?

  • gideon

owcherp, 29 May 2011can anybody tell me the factory setting code for nokia morethe reset code is access code which is 12345

  • Anonymous

its a very nice mobile phone... i have one since 4 years ago and only have a problem.. is the screen because the lights doesnt work but no problem with other aspects and also the memory is general is a very good mobile phone

  • hamid

very slow set

  • sameer

ya guy its nice phone ,
iam using this set right naow it has a amzing sms saving memory ..............

after this iam gonna use nokia 2626....can any i tell about this sets 2626 & nokia 2610

  • rick

I was given this Nokia 2610 phone by Rogers in Canada. I have had it in my draw for a few years now - used it for a month but found I didn't need it at the time. Can I use this phone when travelling in the USA?
Thank you.

  • j,jjjkj

this nokia rulz!!!!suckers

  • XxX

Can someone tell me how to use the internet on this phone ??

  • Yashraj

I love this phone...I have the Indian version of this mobile and all I need is messages and calls...glad it supports Java but damn bad to hear that its internet facility doesn't work at all! Its not sleek but too hard to break. I love it and all I wanted is a good internal memory so that i could atleast record some moments through my Voice recorder on the phone...Nokia's reliability makes me feel that like the phone was just yesterday's buy...Its good and hefty battery life makes it a huge buy...but unfortunately it isn't in the market right now...I'm proud to have this phone and enjoy my half-an-hour game play on this phone(it has a game called Nature park, you know)....overall...

ITS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • naicul

crapy phone: the key from center of 4ways key wobling, the smoky protection screen not alow you to use the handset on bright sun at all, the recorder make only 1 minut records,few calls log,the menu is nokia :))) worst from i ever seen,although i should mention the relative long time of standby somewhere around of a week and the material of the case is nice offer a good grip CONCLUZION; don't buy !!!!!!!!!!!!


owcherp, 29 May 2011can anybody tell me the factory setting code for nokia moresetting code @1234

  • ron

where would I go for A house charger for Noikia 2610

  • owcherp

can anybody tell me the factory setting code for nokia 2610...plizzz reply me as soon as posible.

  • Sharaz

I've been using this phone since September 2007. It's probably the best phone I've ever used. It's rock solid you know. I might've dropped it accidentally more than a hundred times over the last four years, but nothing seems to have gone wrong. In the call timer, the cumulative (total) talk time has exceeded 2117 hours but it's still working as if it was brought yesterday. It's never caused any trouble. If itís to be broken, I may have to step on it. Itís so robust. What a phone!

  • Anonymous

in this cell,we can save more and more sms