Nokia 2630

Nokia 2630

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  • nObuDDy

Yasir bhai,
With due respect if u want a mobile just for making calls and sms,then go for nokia 1208 or any other set in that range.U dont need to buy a camera and bluetooth mobile even if its an ordinary one.

  • shinil

cool thing for basic use.too slow when pics r stored.its bluetooth is useless considered to memory.nyway got value for money

  • Yasir Shah

Dear Readers. Please use mobile for calls and sms only. Why you are insist memory card, camera, blue tooth etc. Dear Mobile is only for contact purpose not for taking pictures, playing movies, songs, memory card. Many mobile have these special things for kids. If you nead Camera, Bluetooth for normal pictures so buy nokia 2630. But my sugession is that if Nokia 2630 would make simple for sending sms and making calls it will very suitable mobile.

  • Anonymous

sexiest phone to date in my opinion...............just bought today and i love it

  • Anonymous

Very Good Mobile!!!!! Totallly Awesome!!!

  • Anonymous

its a GOOD phone!
according to its price..(P3,900)and quality..its so good!!..PROMISE!

  • gui

realy good phone.flexibilible,slim.

  • busisani

When i got this phone it was classic onry that the is very too much low memory.i also had to buy 1 for my son and i bought him.u know kids these days think trees grow on money.

  • joker

i love this phone but the battery gets hot easily when receiving calls by 5 mins... it has no memory card slot..

  • yani

looks cute coz its slender but the memory is really way low...

  • Yusuf

the phone is awesome but please add some memory

  • unklerob

what is the problem in receiving MMS of my 2630 phone..coz i cant receive MMS(unable to receive MMS) somebody please help me!!thx :P

  • ianne

i like this phone. i looooove this. my cousins have this.. it may not have other features but the camera is soooo good. it has no memory card and may be slow at times though. over-all, ill rate it 9. may i just ask, how much is this here in the pilippines? i've been asking my cousins but they said, they dont know cause their phones are in line.. how much is it in cash?

  • Sami,Bangladesh

My fon got a huge scrach last night.It looks ugly now.

  • mhike

it was a nice phone and i really like it so handy easy to navigate, but please add memory,

  • Anonymous

worst nokia ever. . so bad. . the camara sucks the sound is terrible. . and only 11MB. . dont buy this phone. . you will regret it later on

  • mira

looks really nice, but memory is not enough.

  • mike

i love nokia. i traveled alot to different countries. durable and i love those chargers, either 110v or 220 convininient and affordable. BRAVO ZULU

  • Anonymous

this phone has no bloody memory, how can nokia make a phone with so low memory and not even a card slot, this brings me a great amount of sadness. im disappointed nokia:(

  • lou

where do i can find the mp3??? here