Nokia 2650

Nokia 2650

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  • Rajan
  • s8c
  • 03 May 2010

How do i get gprs enabled on my handset???

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    • mildred hubble
    • M3s
    • 20 Apr 2010

    oh my god..... what is that????

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      • Anonymous
      • PAY
      • 03 Feb 2010

      there is an option Inside Message. go setting option of message than u will see an option,which is "dellete automaticalty when text come" keep that option off

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        • Anonymous
        • t7K
        • 25 Jan 2010

        Anonymous, 02 Mar 2009I think this phone doesn't have a special sloot for sim car... moresave more money and buy expensive phones good for 2 years only!!!

          • s
          • suresh
          • vIw
          • 18 Jan 2010

          This mobile sent sms items is authomatically deleted how to show that? Pls help me........

            • n
            • nokia2650
            • ft}
            • 10 Oct 2009

            this phone is good my incle got it for 3 yaers and i just receive 3day before i post this msg. internet browser display web pages. good

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              • Anonymous
              • uW5
              • 12 Sep 2009

              Sezza, 26 Jun 2009Hey I dropped this phone and now the screen is blacked out.... morei dont know.....

                • p
                • prem
                • utj
                • 14 Aug 2009

                i have purchase this handset b4 5 yrs.
                still it is working ok.

                  • S
                  • Sezza
                  • uKb
                  • 26 Jun 2009

                  Hey I dropped this phone and now the screen is blacked out. Its still working though and I didn't save my contacts on to my sim so i was wondering if someone could give me the steps to getting to the button to save all contacts on the sim card. Thanks!!

                    • S
                    • Shoaib
                    • u1t
                    • 04 Jun 2009

                    this phne is great and reliable nothing is competion was is

                      • E
                      • Erik
                      • i88
                      • 01 Jun 2009

                      This was my first phone, bought it about 4 years ago,
                      i still use it today, it's a nice phone that does what you expext a phone to do.
                      I found th volume to be insuficient in very loud areas, and recently the sim-card is a bit loose, so now and then the phone stops working and I have to re-enter my pin number.

                      But I'm very pleased with how it worked over the last 4 years.

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                        • Elo
                        • M@T
                        • 25 May 2009

                        Great phone! It's just a phone with bright keypad lights and nothing more. Fine at the start but messy at the end.

                          • a
                          • arturito
                          • upt
                          • 12 May 2009

                          after using 4 years,
                          this phone very simple and adurable..
                          3 months ago, i change flexible and until now..its works fine
                          i love so much this phone

                            • h
                            • hasinul
                            • Pxp
                            • 21 Mar 2009

                            After 3 years of using, it's just a crap now - display dirty, key's need herculean effort to press, never had any bluetooth. Just inherited from my dad - I have no idea how he could stand it!

                              • r
                              • robbie
                              • FI7
                              • 19 Mar 2009

                              If you bought this phone just for texting and people calling you it it a good phone. If you want a phone with all the works it will cost you alot of money. This is a good phone for what it costs.
                              This is a good basic phone for a first time user.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • Pa$
                                • 02 Mar 2009

                                I think this phone doesn't have a special sloot for sim card, ¿What can I do?

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • jn{
                                  • 28 Nov 2008

                                  i think it sohoel have had a sd slot

                                    • M
                                    • Motby
                                    • Sm9
                                    • 13 Oct 2008

                                    Had the phone for 4 years, now it finally died on me. I think the electric connectors in the hinge finally broke due to stress, or something, because it turns off when I fold it.

                                    I loved it for its simplicity - I bought it for calls and texting, and it performed great at both. Used it as an alarm clock and occasionally put reminders in the calendar, which was a pretty nifty feature (but nothing you'd use on a regular basis).

                                    The standby time was exceptional, talk time not so but I'm not a big caller. Going for a weekend trip without a charger was no problem.

                                    The only negative thing was the colour screen, which was completely worthless in bright sunlight.

                                      • J
                                      • John Victorious
                                      • Nax
                                      • 25 Sep 2008

                                      I experienced a lot through using the 2650 fone and Im done with it now because it is giving problems like cutting some text in the smses and apart from that it good coz it's slim,stylish,portable.

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • vGY
                                        • 17 Sep 2008

                                        i have used dis phone before,the only problem is that the keypad comes out .