Nokia 2680 slide

Nokia 2680 slide

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  • Anonymous

system, 22 Jul 2009actually the phone is ok, but the only faul it has is that. if h... moreWhat exactly do you mean by FLASHING. Are you talking about the camera? There is no flash on the camera.

  • jim

the specs you have put on this phone are wrong. it does have video

  • soumya

actually i wanted to buy just wanna confirm dat if d cell is good or not?? m crazy for slide phone bt my budget restricts just wanna knw if its loud or nt......plz help me out!!1

  • system

actually the phone is ok, but the only faul it has is that. if has any flashing problem and after flash the fault it will still remain.

  • carri

sthandazile, 02 Jul 2009i wonder what the hell the nokia guys were thinking when they de... morecan you please explain to me how exactly do i go about compressing and how do i get it to the phone. thanks...

  • pola mauricio

decp, 15 Jul 20092 all of u Nokia fans, a question and hopefully somebody would k... morego to settings > call > slide call handling > close slide to end calls (off)

  • pola

tmc, 11 Jul 2009my daughter cells problem. it shows "contact service". what ca... morei'm afraid you'd have to get it repaired.

  • pola mauricio

it's super handy but it has only 12mb of memory. so what's the music player for?

  • Charm631

This Phone Is Nice. . Xcept LCD Screen is Quite Small. . Phone doesn't sound so loud. . No 'Plug & Play' speaker available. . Camera is not so 'deep' in zooming and battery is not really lasting. . Overall, its a nice phone. . (^^,) thanks!

  • BLAH

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2009Lovely phone, pity about no USB. Why is there a place for a USB ... moreis this phone really good? im thinking of buying it so i just wanna know...

  • Anonymous

how many pixels of camera is present in this mobile. is it less than 3.2 mega pixel???

  • Tony Ericsson

drini, 06 Jul 2009i have got only a problem with my phone bicouse it hasn't got me... moreIt monies much not more for iphone 3g s. memry cars drive miles for monies loads aeroplanes apple sauce expert. I hope this helps

  • s g

i do not really like the fact that the phone does not have a memory card slot but in all i love the phone.

  • mmmmmmmm

how do i get rid of the white thing at the idle screen??

  • Peter Gutierrez

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2009can you set different rings to different contacts?? my sis was r... moreYes you can, by selecting Menu, select icon for music then select Music Files, Open that folder, and select a tone. Once you select a tone, then select Options. Select Use Tone, then just choose where you want that tone to go. Hope that's helps you out.

  • Anonymous

Lovely phone, pity about no USB. Why is there a place for a USB cable, but it does not have that feature. The VGA camera is unecessary because for obvious reasons one will not be able to take good photographs with it. Other than that, I quite enjoy it.

  • decp

2 all of u Nokia fans, a question and hopefully somebody would know and reply back to me. I have the slide 2680, and I try to find out if there is a way when i slide off the phone (close + bring to normal position) if there is a call in progress if the call can remain and i continue to talk without the call being ended while i slide down the phone?
thanks guysssssssssssss
nokia for everrrrrrrr ;)

  • ifty

Good looking, smart set.

  • Ash

I've bought this phone today from Bashundhara City. Nice phone, no doubt.

  • tmc

my daughter cells problem. it shows "contact service". what cause this? how do we fix this? thank you all