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Nokia 2690

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  • Sandeep Nair

Pradeep Thombre, 28 Aug 2010This is very silly and third Quality Phone as it does not suppor... morePradeep Thombre

For ur information, it does support GPRS, in fact it supports EDGE, enhanced version of GPRS. It works with Tata Docomo (i have used it with this network).

  • Sandeep Nair

uzi, 26 Aug 2010Hi, v bought 3 n2690s, 1 for each of us (mom,dad,i), 2weeks ago.... moreSince ur mobile is new, u might be having the IMEI number of ur mobile. I think by contacting the Cyber Crime Police with this number, they can trace ur mobile if the stolen guys are using it.

  • Sandeep Nair

Manikandan, 08 Oct 2010All are Ok.But disappointed to the Battery performsnce.Backup is... moreManikandan

Since ur are getting 1 day battery life, try to charge it using another charger, if u notice any difference, check ur chager with a nokia care centre.

  • Ashraful I. Aeijim

I am a user of nokia 2690 i use all time internate in my phone.after all how i can fresh and speedy my phone

  • Sandeep Nair

Arya Raju, 16 Oct 2010This Display is very badArya Raju

The display is indeed not good. But u can do something worthwhile. First get Theme Studio series 40 from Nokia Developer Forum. Then create good battery efficient theme.

For example,
background = 128 x 160 black wallpaper
screensaver = none
the background while browsing menu = 28 x 160 black wallpaper

i believe, these things can make the battery last longer. also looks better and readable

  • Sandeep Nair

Sachin, 15 Oct 2010i bought the phone few months ago.battery life is very poorSachin,
Try different charger, usually charging a empty bl-4c should take around 3 hours. If ur charger does the job in around 1.5 hrs, charge the phone with another charger.
Some Nokia 2690 chargers (original package) manufactured in India is not reliable

  • Sandeep Nair

Abhimanyu, 13 Oct 2010I bought the phone few months ago. But the battery is very bad. ... moreAbhimanyu,
To get more battery life per charge
1. Listen using third party efficient earphones
2. At low volume, even third party earphones sounds loud, thus at the expense of less battery
3. Do not use headphones (the ones which has support over ur head), they use more battery
4. Disable AF, They tend to automatically re-tune the frequency

  • Sandeep Nair

[deleted post]The price of Nokia 2690 in India is Rs. 2749/-


  • Anonymous

[deleted post]The price of Nokia 2690 in India is Rs. 2749/-


  • Sandeep Nair

chris, 15 Nov 2009you see guys not every person in the world could even buy a 1100... moreI agree with you.

  • syed nazeer

[deleted post]this phone is very nise and light wight and loking is goos camera klarity is good and fuchers good.

  • ankur

ankita, 28 Oct 2010Can anyone suggest me a best nokia model? My budget is 3000nokia c2-00

  • Dhanesh

This phone is suitable for middle class family ,It is not bad.

  • ankita

Can anyone suggest me a best nokia model? My budget is 3000

  • joyeeta

i've bought one.i am very pleased with its design.but the problem is seems hard to be found by other devices.

  • joyeeta

sunil, 17 Oct 2010hi im sunil... i wanted to buy a nokia mobile... can any1 sugges... morebuy nokia has all the features

  • Haamed

Nokia 2690 has 65K colors not 256K colors.

  • adamu ahmed kana

Anupam, 27 Oct 2010Please contact the Nokia care.i want to use the Nokia 2690 to browse but and facing some difficulty. please help me out by texting via phone number(08133195611)or mails me via my email

  • Anupam

hi all,

The clock size on the desktop is too large for such small screen. Please give a work around so that I can minimize the clock size.

I don't want to remove the clock. I just want to minimize its size.

If any theme helps please provide the link.

  • Anupam

To all users of 2690.

Please contact your nearest Nokia care center. There is a update for the OS software. This will rule out some problem you might be facing-

1. Battery performance, it becomes better but not the best.
2. Sound quality- it really becomes good.
3. Phone becomes fast.
4. supports java games and application, and becomes fast.

I have updated my device and very happy with it now.