Nokia 2720 V Flip

Nokia 2720 V Flip

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It’s to mention Motorola V 😉

  • Kgamal

It’s to mention Motorola V 😉

Why Nokia cannot make something like N86 8MP or N95 again? and adding some basic modern stuff on it, like 4G, bluetooth 5.0, whatsapp, teams, facebook, youtube etc. These phone have everything we need, A REMOVABLE BATTERY, decent camera, gps, fm radio, wifi, decent multimedia, barcode scanner etc.
This is a kind feature phone we need!!
please make a feature phone that can REPLACED our so called smartphone.
but Nokia was never learn, they always come out with this bullshit feature phone type.

  • Anonymous

This is very similar to any other flip phone on the market. This phone has potential, just should of used 1 GB of RAM. Have used a similar KaiOS phone (AT&T Cingular Flip IV) with same specs and the web browsing and use of some apps can be slow enough to make someone impatient. Extra RAM would make this phone perform faster.

  • Gone

It would be better if using android instead of kai os. With or without thouch screen.

  • Isaac

The bands are not updated as of yet. This is for Verizon network.

Anonymous, 17 May 2021They crapped the phone . If they put an 8mp camera at least... moreThey can't do that. Snapdragon 205 supports camera up to 3 MP, and video recording at 480 p, not more.
This is not a smartphone, just a better version of a feature phone. There is a lot of people who doesn't want to use big smartphone, but want to use Whatsapp for messaging or video calls via 4G or wifi. There is over a 100 million KaiOs users in the world, so there is a market for this type of device...

  • Prateek

Anonymous, 17 May 2021They crapped the phone . If they put an 8mp camera at least... moreExactly.... you are right

  • Roni

I think in next 100 years Nokia will not upgrade... Lol

  • Anonymous

They crapped the phone . If they put an 8mp camera at least with fhd video record and fm radio it would be great. But no. They wanted pure profit. Who gonna buy this in 2021 ?

Can they atleast upgrade the sreen res

Looks like they chose the cheapest crappy parts they could find. I can do 10$.

I move around a lot and I would buy this phone anytime if it’s android. This could’ve been a perfect tether host instead of using a dumb Mifi or other “regular-bulky” smartphone.
I've been using my main phone as tether host for a prolonged period of time and now i feel like its battery health is degrading rather quickly ...

Anonymous, 16 May 2021I don't get this phone at all. It's neither a sma... moreNo oh. Its a wonderful phone o. It has android features like 4g, youtube, map.
and it runs whatsapp very well. Just that its keypad. Its best for thoes who re yet to use smartphone

  • Anonymous

I don't get this phone at all. It's neither a smartphone, nor a regular phone, meaning it's neither good for people who want a smartphone, nor for people who don't waхt and need a smartphone at all. Seems a stupid decision for a phone, but who cares after all...

s4f786, 16 May 2021This might sound stupid but how about if the top was a norm... moreI don't think most people who'd be shopping at this price segment would care about that because it would make it much more expensive.
I also prefer the physical buttons over your suggestion, as It sounds like it would make it slower and KaiOs can't afford to get anymore slower than it already is. I think folks that want such functionality should look at the Motorola and Samsung (Android) Flip-phones.

This might sound stupid but how about if the top was a normal screen, but the whole keypad area was a pressure sensitive touch screen, I know this sounds weird but what I'm trying to say is use a type of resistive style screen. The whole UI of the bottom resistive screen would be the keys and directional buttons, maybe even have the ability to turn the UI off too.

Vaino, 15 May 2021What is the differnce between this phone and 2720 flip rele... moreJudging by the pictures, it looks like this phone was made specifically and tailored towards Verizon (which I'm guessing is what the "V" stands for).

  • JH

one of the slowest phone I ever use in my life. Kai OS not use friendly.

Looking at some of the comments, I guess the classic phone will never come back in popularity because it doesn't make sense