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Nokia 2.1

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2gb RAM would make this way better. So slow and apps close too frequently.

  • fakesmile

fantastic battery quality and design,and wide range internet hotspot tethering only camera is a bit disappointing and general OS speed

  • lisle

I can't seem to use my SD card with the phone and now the phone memory is full.

  • Anonymous

What is the terminal catagory of this phone?

  • MA

This phone is excellent for general use battery life is good in this price range this is good mobile Nokia is Back.

  • Himanshuz

This phone is the worst phone I have ever used, Only one application can be run at a time, Too much laggy, Never see any phone slower and laggy like this, only WhatsApp and Facebook lite installed. I still regret to suggest this phone to my mom, Never buy this crap.

  • Henry

Mayungo, 01 Apr 2019Nice one man...good review

  • Siyankho

Why is my home screen colour back ground turns into an ugly colour 😠

  • Dlpearson

sanju, 28 Dec 2019I've also tried to make sd card default but not done. coul... moreWhen you add a new SD card it should give you an option of what to do with it. One is to treat it like device storage and the other is to install Apps etc. Choose the Latter.
This will make the card unusable on other devices though.

  • sanju

Mike, 25 Oct 2019Great phone I have US version Nokia 2V,it is a rebranded 2.... moreI've also tried to make sd card default but not done.
could you please help me regards, how to make sd card default so all apps and data would get store on card.

  • Anonymous

Can it play buggy lite

  • Mike

Sylvia, 14 Aug 2019plz help me when I dial a number my screen turn black kindly helpGreat phone I have US version Nokia 2V,it is a rebranded 2.1.This is a very good phone for the price.Good soc,snapdragon425, stereo speakers , impressive 5.5 ips screen.Ok cameras.Looks classy.l wish us had blue/ copper color US only has blue/ silver.Ive had no problems with low ram.For storage issues I've inserted a 32 gb msd card.Running over 70 apps on phone with no problems.Great budget phone Nokia
However do wish it had 2 GB ram,but can get by with one.

Speakers sound great not quite crisp like those high end samsung flagship devices but clean enough.Loudness on the other hand is very good.May not be one of the loudest but its definitely one louder devices out there.So overall i believe one Shouldnt have any issues with the overall sound quality unless he's deaf

  • Pastor Joe

My Nokia 2.1 Blue/copper battery life is okay, responsive, gracious to carry and users friendly!

  • Ali Z

I’ve been using this phone for 6 months and I am satisfied.
Pros: great battery, good speakers, very good price, Android go which is great for 1g of ram and 8g memory, Android update supporting.
Cons: terrible camera especially at night, insufficient ram especially for switching between apps.
Great when using it for calls, texts, watching videos, social media apps like WhatsApp -telegram and Instagram, hotspot SIM card internet to other devices.

Got it for 65 bucks for my Mom. Don't know why people is complaining about its specs. It's a very cheap phone, c'mom. Don't expect premium features for a very basic phone.

  • Anonymous

PIcked this for my 80-year-old dad. He loves it. Does everything he needs.
When I used it - I found it slow for multitasking beyond 5-6 apps.

Don't buy if you're not happy with internal memory and RAM. Additionally, next to zero bloatware, stock android experience and amongst the first phones to get the latest updates/upgrades.

  • Mac

Only pro is a good battery. Measly 8gb internal memory. Pathetic 1gb ram that can only load about half of all websites and will near freeze completely if you dare have more than one tab or app open at a time. Touch screen ALWAYS lags and takes a few taps to work after leaving it for 30 seconds. Quiet, tinny speakers and potato camera.

As someone who has had numerous cheap androids (

  • Govind Anand

This is a very good phone in 5500 inr . No lags in simple use . No boalteare no ads . Fully Google supported phone.

  • Samu

This is a shit phone... Storage is pathetic. I advice people not to buy this nonsense phone.