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I bought this phone 2 years ago. I've been using it and I am very satisfied. Yes, this phone's specifications in 2021 are really bad, but if you need a phone for doing some simple tasks, it's a good choice.

Nokia 2.2 is decent/bad for gaming. For example, I could play Brawl Stars without any lags for the first 3 months of using it, but later it started to lag. COD or PUBG probably won't work. (I'd recommend for you to aim for the phones who have 4GB RAM+ and have an octa-core 2.0Ghz+ processor)

The camera app is slow sometimes and it's lagging because this phone has 2GB RAM, but if you will buy a version that has 3GB RAM, it will lag less, of course. The pictures from the frontal camera are decent (13MP) and it satisfied my needs.
P.S: Selfie camera is really bad.

Microphone and speakers are very good.

I'd recommend this phone to all the users who want a cheap phone and need to accomplish some simple tasks.

Phone was working well with android 10 after the fixes then boom android 11 breaks storage , power usage high, apps crashing, low storage notifications.. disappointed

  • NoName

Bad software killed it slowly, was quite good at android 9, usable on android 10, very bad at android 11, all riddled with bugs.

  • Anonymous

I was pretty pleased with it at first. But this phone started deteriorating after barely 1 year. Have to press power and volume button 20 times to make them work. Battery runs out really quickly. Terrible camera. It takes about 100 attempts to take a screenshot after their new update. Nokia's smartphones are terrible.

  • Andrew

This phone was good with Android 9 Pie. Actually I received Android 11 and it's a nightmare. Google Photos still crashing when you record some movies VIA bulit in camera. This phone has a problems with playback movies in which recorded itself. Battery life started deteriorate very fast. My SD card 8 GB was corrupted. The whole interface becomes very slow. The audio quality on headphones is the worst i had ever listened.

Md, 11 Sep 2021Tell me this is worse in any way100 %
check the all comments you can feel how many people support this mobile !
me also one of the 2.2 user from 2019. Its total worst mobile....
touch problem, memory card corrupted ... etc
only can use 1 years and 6 or 7 months.

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2021Stop lyinglying...?😡😡😡😡
according to me its a worst phone . its have a 1.5 years of life.
I lost my memory card also due to this phone.
please don't fool the other peoples by such paid comments !
all nokia mobiles are worst ...... 👿👿👿👿 i can prove.....
from the beginning i feel some problem in this phone! now its no more !. It started with touch problem , and then memory card corrupted , finally its died !.
At the starting i wrote the comments about the screen's yellow tint, then you like people supported the phone . Now you can see how many peoples troubled with this worst mobile.
so please miss lead the viewers...

  • svh

SVH, 13 Nov 2019It have a slight yellow tint towards the bottom of my scree... moreIts dead completely before completing 2 years..... 😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬
also 2.2 corrupted my memory card also.... 😈👿 32 GB of my sweet memories
I never seen such a worst thing like nokia mobiles.....
this is the last mobile from nokia for me ,my family and friends.
very very very bad compony response and their products......... 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
don't take any mobiles from nokia.., if u ignore this message, prepare yourself for this situation...... 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Many have negative comments about this phone, maybe because they are used to using Chinese brands. But in my opinion, this is good, plus the usb has OTG about the price, it's still relatively expensive

  • Md

Mr im, 29 Jul 2021This phone so slow and lagging. Regret after buying it. my ... moreTell me this is worse in any way

  • Diffy

I like this phone, update to Android 11 and it's all right, screen don't freeze, I play Empires and Puzzles very well, cast streaming in Chromecast.

  • Anonymous

Mr im, 29 Jul 2021This phone so slow and lagging. Regret after buying it. my ... moreStop lying

  • Mr im

This phone so slow and lagging. Regret after buying it. my 2015 chinese phone with 16g 1ram runs better than Nokia 2.2

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 May 2021All is well with Android 11,the phone even got quick charge... morePress and hold volume down button with power button same time.... you screen shot

  • Anonymous

remy, 25 Apr 2020anybody getting screen flickering for this nokia 2.2? I've ... moreDid you solve the screen flickering issue? I recently have that on my set.

  • Joshalion

Paranoma camera stoped. Any help.

  • Anonymous

I hate this phone too. I hasn't 15 GB internal memory and too slow. I can't keep system apps either. Because I rested my phone twice. But memory increase two days after reset. 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • shahed19981

i hate this phone. after updating to android 11 it always freezing and quiting the i forgot the pattern and i cant even find a good flash file after searching many websites...

  • Bolu

Nokia2.2user, 03 Jan 2021Nokia 2.2 low budget android 10 phone with screen mirroring... moreNokia 2.2 is very bad, i wonder how people like it. After android 11 update, i couldn't play any game on it, it will quit the game itself and it's annoying, this phone is shit. It hangs literally almost everytime, I can't use two apps at once. Shit!!

  • Djoko

Good phone updated to Android 11, only downside is that battery is a bit small/weak...