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Nokia 2.2

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  • Anonymous

guys it is a 100 euro phone... what did you exept

  • Washyy

This was my first trial to buy Nokia...will never ever buy a Nokia again...worst experiences with a 2.2 it freezes bluetooth isn't working still new but forced to dispose...worst phone ever

  • Benjiz benjiz

Colliex, 02 Apr 2020Took a while to sort the storage issues and get used to pie... moreHow did you fix your storage problem?

ManDeepest, 10 Nov 2020Recently bought this phone for my wife and I have to say it... moresame experience over here. it is a laggy, stuttery mess of a phone and it clearly was never ready for release.

Recently bought this phone for my wife and I have to say it's the worst phone I've ever bought her we bought it as a temporary phone and guess what it's a living hell trying to operate this phone, it's a 2GB variant it freezes/hangs every 10 seconds there's no application we don't open and it doesn't freeze. Nokia has lost its touch it should I rather say HMD Global they don't know what they're doing just because they're quick to update their phones doesn't mean they'll be the best again, they should go to the drawing board again and focus on simple things, like getting a proper SoC's that'll make their phones run smoothly or near to it cause whatever they're doing right now it's not working. Out for 10 this phone I rate it 10/3

  • Anonymous

brightness isue and sd card corruption still not resolve after the big september update,i wonder who test nokia update b4 pushing them to the public

  • Anonymous

a very big update for 2.2 users about 1.4 gig plus september security update,hope brightness isue n notification problem is solve.fingers cross

  • tigerm

MOEEN JAN , 22 Oct 2020My Nokia 2.2 also facing brightness issue but after last ph... moretry rest phone factory siting


My Nokia 2.2 also facing brightness issue but after last phone update Bluetooth issue added when I connect any Bluetooth device or phone some features not working and freez any body help me

  • Smiley

Sent mine in for repair due to Bluetooth causing settings to freeze up.
I got a replacement phone.
Thanks Nokia.

  • Wellwisher

wifi signal is very weak can anybody have an idea how to fix it

  • Anonymous

" Nokia doesn't sell a replacement battery"

they don't? thats odd as it's removable

  • Pravito

Updated it to Android 10 on August 2020 and saw many improvements.

-Battery life is significantly longer. Previously it only lasts for about 12 hours, now it could get up to 18 hours with approx 7h screen on time.

- Charging is also faster. Before updating, it took over 3hr to charge from zero, now it takes about 2hr 20m to fully charge

- Camera is highly improved. Previously the photo quality was very dull, now it's a big difference compared to the original. The audio quality on video recording is also clearer

- Less lags on multitasking or heavy apps. RAM management seems to be improved after the update and on standby, it consumes less RAM

  • Smiley

Bought it July 2010, Bluetooth stopped working and causes the Settings to crash.
Every time I try to pair a device, after a long wait, it gives the "settings isn't responding, close app? or wait?". I have reset everything including the reset to factory settings. To no avail.
Bluetooth had it.

  • A User

It's a good phone if you just want something for a few apps and are not glued to your mobile like a teenager.

I intended it to be my travel phone since it has two SIM slots and a independent micro SD slot, but has became my daily user.

The best thing: THE PHONE FITS INTO YOUR POCKET period!! Have you ever sat down with a 6.5"+ phone in your pocket and it either jammed into your hip or you were afraid it would break?

The only downside: Nokia doesn't sell a replacement battery; the camera stopped storing readable photos (I can take photos, but cannot open them); the Bluetooth connects, but doesn't work.

  • Anonymous

This phone is driving me up the wall. The SD card I installed gets corrupted on a regular basis, so I have to reinstall all my apps. Loses loads of messages and photos every time. Also the screen never turns off when I am making or receiving a call. Always cut people off or silence myself with my cheek. So annoying.

Hybrid Slot

  • sun

Ifeanyi. O, 06 Sep 2020What is the cause of over brightness and it's get hot me to same ,display becomes brighter and phone becomes hot. so i don't use phone when it is charging and rarely when it happens i have to restart it.

  • DC

Bluetooth stopped working with audio - it does transfer files though. Satellite NAV was buggy from the beginning - slow acquisition of satellites, it does the job but very laggy on the move.
Camera stopped working in memory overload, need to clean the memory.

Otherwise, I like it - it's light, has nice screen and design

PS. I miss the Bluetooth!

  • Anonymous

Worst smart phone I've ever had. Unbelievably slow.