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  • Porky

Worst phone iv ever used.1st one just died for no reason while updating. Probs because there's no space and tried to put its in the sd card for some reason. Don't get the 16gb version. System takes up 9.9gb of it. Than once you install a few must have apps it's full. Endlessly telling me it's full and there's pretty much nothing I can do. Sd cards are slow. Only good thing about this phone is the battery because you can remove the battery when it freezes... And the like 10 different ways to open google assist is actually rediculous. Side button, home screen, swipe up or hold home button, and google app. My s7 google assist was great but on this it's sooo bad. Never gets what you say right and takes a few seconds to open freezing the phone. The left side button is for it and you can easily remove which I recommend doing, it's actually made to be removed which I found funny, because if you press it you wait ages for it to try open. Would be good if you could set it to something you wanted. No always on screen. No controls on turning on or off gps. Screen scratches super easy. Can't handle snapchat and struggles with insta. Endlessly have to close all apps otherwise it's gg. For the price I shouldn't complain to much but please if you do get this phone don't get the 16gb

  • Porky

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2020Please, can any user of Nokia 2.2 confirm whether it has always ... moreNo always on display

  • European

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2020Please, can you confirm if this phone has the always on display ... moreIf you mean the Samsung-like "Always on Display" to show the messages, calls etc I don't belive there is such a thing. I know it's called Ambient Display in later Nokias, but I couldn't find it in this one.

  • Anonymous

European, 13 Feb 2020I've just got a 16gb version of 2.2 and I'm actually disappointe... morePlease, can you confirm if this phone has the always on display function in the settings? Can you adjust it to show the date and time when the display is turned off? Thanks in advance for your reply.

  • European

I've just got a 16gb version of 2.2 and I'm actually disappointed. On paper it all looks okay, decent battery that can actually be detached, interesting design, good balance between price and possibilities. But there are just so many tiny things that are wrong with the design - very delicate side buttons that can be damaged easily when you open the back pannel, problematic SIM1 slot (SIM2 works okay) frustrating constant lighting change, unremovable bouncing Google bar at the bottom (Android 9.0 Pie), barely working face recognition module (works well only with sufficent sunlight), failing to read contacts from SIM and generally slippery cover and front that get dirty easily, but are hard to clean. It could be a decent phone, especially for this price, if not the many little things, most of them not mentioned here.

  • Anonymous

Please, can any user of Nokia 2.2 confirm whether it has always on display function or not?! I mean does it show the date and time when the display is off?! Thanks in advance.

  • aashiq

very good for cheapest price and also upgradable for 2 years security update 3 years

  • Mr

Best budget phone well done HMD global

  • Anonymous

EduardoBC, 26 Jan 2020About two months ago I purchased this beautiful Nokia phone. Ext... moreThe 32gb one is so good.

  • Maziq

Excellent phone

  • Krachtpatser Karel.

Also to add on my previous comment, Nokia 2.3 is also a good option and slightly newer.

  • Krachtpatser Karel.

For the price, it is a amazing phone. Good camera for this price, and good quality too. Good build. In this price range it is the best you can get. I opted for the 7.2 because I had some more money to spend. I see this as a much cheaper option if a Nomia 7.2 is too expensive or when you do not want spend much of the mo ey on a smartphone.

  • Picachu

After few months Nokia 2.2 is not worth money that you give for it. My advice think twice as for 10p extra you can get better phone that will work same speed after few months. Just buy something else this is jus branded who know what

About two months ago I purchased this beautiful Nokia phone. Extremely good for the price. It is very fast, battery charge lasts more than two days, Good camera. It provides me exactly what I am looking for on a cellphone: Excellent voice connection, extremely good internet good enough for emails, news webpages, YouTube and general web browsing. What else can you ask for just USD100.00? AND THE BEST OF ALL: User removable battery!!! Buy it, you'll like it.

  • SM

Nokia 2.2 (16gb) is a bullshit. before 1 moth after buy slow down, stuck, sometimes auto brightness increase while charging and can't decrease that without power off. sometimes when I click google assistant button it didn't ask me my password / pin. My nokia mobile is 16gb it takes 9.6gb for the system. I have only less than 5gb. Nokia 2.2 is fail.

Not bad, silky and smooth bust not fast, daily needs can manage, if you want to install and play heavy stuff will not be good for you. recommended

Terrence, 16 Jan 2020I think the 16 GB variant doesn't have headphones. Well I bought one in Bangladesh and it came with a earphone in the box

  • Terrence

I think the 16 GB variant doesn't have headphones.

  • heavy

The signal is bad..dont buy this phone if u use Maxis cant call out and in..regret bought nokia 2.2

Baba, 04 Jan 2020Now open the box and no head set none at allSame thing here