Nokia 2.2

Nokia 2.2

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  • Anonymous

Whats so good about USB C i have it, so what you have 1 way of plugging in a charger 1st world issues specs is good 3 gig ram , etc

  • Anonymous

Aadrian, 06 Jun 2019The battery is removable and you can replace or change the ... moresays non removable.

  • Anonymous

Nice phone but still micro USB port , mediatek chipset ....I'd go anyway for the Moto G7 play even without Android one...

  • Anonymous

Always-on display and IPS LCD screen? The battery will drain fast.

  • sahnoun

nokia will never come bavk ever ever very expensive phone with low specs and worst marketing over the world
i dont know what they think with this ugly phone big bizzel quadcore in 2019 they are serious !!!!

ASH, 06 Jun 2019Is it having dedicated micro SD Slot or a hybrid one?It has a removable battery and back cover and what I've seen on video is that the phone has a Sim slot on one side and a SD slot on the other side. So I assume if there's a dual SIM variant there will be two Sim slots and a separate SD slot.

  • ASH

Is it having dedicated micro SD Slot or a hybrid one?

  • Anonymous

For a €100 phone, this is way better than the competion in every way

  • Anonymous

garbage, i bet playing spotify will lag hard lol

  • Anonymous

All plastic. Back cover and battery can be replaced.

It has a soft curve on the back, but sharp on the front, sort of like Nokia 1. But at this ~EUR 100 you cannot expect too much.

The battery is removable and you can replace or change the back covers, another big plus.

Entry level phone, fair price. Good job Nokia.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is cheaper and has 2160p video recording. I see no reason to get this phone if you're going to use it for video recording.

  • Unknown

I like this one!

  • Anonymous

this phone have two rival

  • batterymask

i thought they would install a bigger battery upto 4500mah right from 4100mah from nokia 2 and 2.1, but instead they downgraded to 3000mah, with this time with powerful specs, a shame for entire nokia 2 series for what nokia 2 series is known for, its battery pack.

  • Dishonored

Devil , 06 Jun 2019Micro USB, welcome back 2005.Yo men its a 90dollar budget phone
Not a flagship or mid-ranger

What do u want USB C and 5000mha battery and Oled screen for 90$ ??

  • Alex

9.3mm in 2019 LOL

  • Anonymous

sad that it didnt carry the 4000mah battery like the nokia 2.1 smt

  • asiandoestech

What a great phone for the price.