Nokia 2.4

Nokia 2.4

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Momo, 03 May 2021Does this phone have "face unlock" feature?Yes it does. But it uses 300-500mb ram always.

Glady, 04 May 2021After Android 11 update this mobile is having network issue... moreMay be u need to check for career services and those call related updates.

  • Glady

After Android 11 update this mobile is having network issues worst mobile experience ever never ever buy any nokia mobile phone worst.

  • Momo

Does this phone have "face unlock" feature?

Obviously it best device value for money

  • Imran

Brun1527, 20 Apr 2021Absolute crap, screen unresponsive, camera extremely slow, ... moreMe using it since Feb found no problem mentioned by you

  • Imran

I had purchased an Infinix hot 9 play 3/64 when I get to know about Nokia 2.4 I have purchased Nokia 2.4 3/64 Nokia is awesome in performance, multitasking and internet also having better touchscreen than infinix hot 9 play and mobile signal strength. Nokia is awesome Infinix hot 9 play is waste of money all he got a bigger display and bigger battery but have poor performance poor signal strength. NOKIA IS BEST I am waiting for it's Android 11 update and in couple of months I will buy another nokia phone after selling infinix hot 9 play 3/64 it's useless don't buy infinix Phones they are useless Nokia phones are Great

  • Vicky

Gib, 25 Apr 2021Obviously a waste of money, I regret everyday for buying th... moreDude, I am using this phone since December 2020, the good side of this phone is battery backup. its a pure android based phone. i have not seen any lag in this phone. if your phone lags, check with application because it is Mid end phone. For regular use it is best option.

  • Gib

SacredSoup, 15 Mar 2021Lol, so having a bad experience with a phone and reviewing ... moreObviously a waste of money, I regret everyday for buying this phone, can't take calls while browsing, hangs most of the time.
Poor screen quality that is unresponsive. If I had power I would ask for compensation.

  • Brun1527

Absolute crap, screen unresponsive, camera extremely slow, screen freezes often. JUNK.

  • Dew

Thish phone is very slow😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

I can't play Beach Buggy racing 2 because the phone lags for split seconds when you want to make sharp turns, you won't win races like that.. Pathetic, my favourite game which I've been playing on Lumia 520, 550 and iPhone 5s but it won't work properly on a big for nothing modern phone. Tragic

  • Anonymous

It's just the Camera that's not great for me. It's cool though. But not that cool.

  • khanyi

I bought this phone two weeks, I must say am enjoying it. I had high expectations on the quality of the camera but its not that bad.

  • TaxPayer

It's good for a budget phone. But charging is x3reemly slow for a smart phone. 4 hours from 10% to 100% is too much of time

  • Jonny

Commissioner Mntanga, 26 Feb 2021I thank you for your positive comment. I was looking for so... moreRather buy 3.4

  • Jonny

panda, 08 Mar 2021I think you can better spend a little more money and go for... moreI have 3.4 it's good.

Good tablet

  • Mukesh

Vinod, 25 Feb 2021Bad Phone , I am using this phone last one month and 10 day... moreRight

  • Anonymous

Fleczy, 18 Mar 2021I got this phone like 3 weeks ago.all I can say it very nic... moreColours are dimmer , not dark and not so natural. What is the solution for that