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  • Xander

My Nokia 3 is over 3 years old, it has survived several mishap and it's still working. I really enjoyed using the Nokia 3, though the camera quality is poor. All in all I like that it's long lasting.

  • Alvin

Does this has mt6737 or mt6735 why mine has mt6735

  • Batista

I love this mobile and this is his 3rd birthday, but it has survived weekly falls and may harsh splash but it's still working and thankfully don't hang

Battery after the update totally sucks. It's 2minutes on wifi for 20% down. It's 1 minute on 4g 20% down. Either they release a patch or it's headin' for the garbage bin.

  • AnonD-82756

This is the first Nokia/HMD I ever had and I used it as work phone it was brilliant never missed a beat, but the newer ones not so good I wanna know what has happened even the design language of these are better than the current.

  • D. Trump

How does battery last? How does battery last after update?

amanisb, 19 Mar 2020This phone is garbage ,even Nokia C1 is way better than thisI don't think so, this has more RAM and 16:9 display

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2020nokia 3 review rington not comeing what is thesHave you turned on Do not disturb?

  • Batse

I have this phone and it is great.The baterry is good for the price Around 5 hours on wifi screen.The phone work good for the price

  • RajhansJagdeepSuman

No problem with nokia 3 . Everything is okay. And really nokia is king because it was a very good device on that time. King is king..... And old is gold....

  • Totsy

My Nokia is 3 yrs old now but still working. . . . . the issue a little bit harder to charge now. . . but still working. . . NOKIA is NOKIA . . . and I still love Nokia

  • Yasas

This has survived 20+ falls and 5+ severe falls. Dissplay is now like a spider web, but still working for 3. 5 years. Extremely worth for the price..

  • Yasas

I've been using this for 3.5 years, and had to replace battery and usb port. No other big hardware or software issues.

  • Anonymous

I've been using Nokia 3 for 3.6 years. Battery and usb port rereplaced. But no other big issues. Working very well though it's bit slow now..

  • Anonymous

nokia 3 review rington not comeing what is thes

  • Precious

Khawari MD, 12 Jun 2020This phone is good enough for your parent because i can use... moreI have used my phone for a year and battery died when I tried buying one at takealot it doesn't work what to do now?

  • HOVA

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 24 Aug 2020Yes I most admit its very durable only one scratch, to bad ... moreYou're unlucky. Been using mine since February 2018. No issues whatsoever.

  • Teja

I am using this mobile from Aug 28th 2017 to till date (28/09/2020).
Mobile has upgraded to Android 7 to 8 and today 9 is running on it.
Phone is weight less and smaller of 5 inches.
As I am using mobile in general basis (not like gamer, watching 2 or 3 hours videos.)
Phone is quite good, battery lasts 8 hours for general nominal usage like calls (1 hrs), goolge pla music 2hrs, youtube for 1 hour. battery definitely last 8 hours.
If I am purchasing a phone upgrade in future, i will go for nokia only.

  • cactus jacques

very durable phone, been using it since 2017 until i finally decided to upgrade to a higher end phone, but this nokia 3 was definitely worth the price.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

saurav, 04 Aug 20204 years man.. not even a scratchYes I most admit its very durable only one scratch, to bad the software wasn't as durable it had to factory reset monthly before... :)