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Nokia 3

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  • AnonD-634267

snapdragon would be better.....if 410 or 425

  • sagar

the is announced in mwc 26 feb 2017. The Nokia 3, which will come at a price of €139(inr 10000 approx.) euros, has a 5.2-inch display protected with Corning Gorilla Glass. the phone will avilable in april

  • Sebstin

Why 5" phones look so big now?. 4 year back Galaxy S4 being 5" phone was 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm. Now Nokia 3 is 143.4 x 71.4 x 8.48 mm?. Why?. Why cant Nokia make compact phones?

  • Arian Adler

Xperia X or Nokia 3 !?

  • Anonymous

I think hmd global is sloppy.
it doesnot have fingerprint sensor in official renders on the official site.
but has it in official specs on official site
they will fail in long run

  • Anonymous

Phone is announced, release 2017 with price of 139 EUR. Also it is running on clear Android Nougat with Google Assistant build in.

  • Myrddincat

Grover, 15 Feb 2017Give us a game changing flagship Nokia. Is it worth upgrad... moreDon't you realise this is a low cost phone? Look at the nokia 8, the specs are much more flagship quality.

  • Rahul

Always king nokia phone

  • Nokia Fans

This is not good. We hope nokia make phone like feature phone size, but with os android, bezelless, 2.5d amoled screen, and same like another android device specification.

  • abhi

i hope this has a removable battery

  • ;)

phone is nice w

  • explo

bhushan, 15 Feb 2017plz tell me how much priceAbout 150euros

  • Oupa

Listen up! This is one fork of a dual-pronged return for Nokia. It still has an awesome rep which will help it sell in all ranges - (see specs for Nokia 6 and 8), but it will certainly be friendly to users who want to install the Sailfish OS from Jolla which follows on MeeGo. Sailfish is based on Linux rather than Android, already installs on a variety of Android devices, and I expect we will soon see Nokia with Sailfish preinstalled and carving a new niche into the marketplace. Also, I think, leading a new perception of what a lot of mobile-phone and tablet users really want. I'm looking forward to Sailfish on my Nokia cellphone, my Nokia phablet, and my whatever laptop. Soon.

  • Force Majeure

Now, if you're going to make a mobile in 2017 with only 720p, make it 4.7", NOT 5.2. Just saying.

  • bhushan

plz tell me how much price

  • Grover

Give us a game changing flagship Nokia.
Is it worth upgrading my near obsolete iPhone 6 for this ?

  • AnonD-426804

No gyroscope? :c

  • RPK

AnonD-644775, 15 Feb 2017They try to cover all the price ranges, If they just do the... moreOr was it clear that Nokia is lagging behind the trend than leading the as in the time of symbian . History is clearly tell how Nokia was in hesitation in bringing dual sim, Using android , neglecting the MeeGo platform and so on . If highest price point what they are really worring about How could they come out with Nokia 808 on symbian with 40k price at the time of Android phone like Galaxy S3 and Iphone 4s. Its clear that Nokia might have lost its integrity now HMD wanted to make a fortune out of its popularity but not to give its costomers reliable and innovative product as in the past. We can see no difference among all other android midranges and the Nokia's 3,5,and 6. Even in price. But Nokia's trade mark 41MP pureview camera on Android will surely be a game changer.

  • AnonD-644775

RPK, 14 Feb 2017When will we get a flagship level Hardware from Nokia or No... moreThey try to cover all the price ranges, If they just do the high end devices you will be just bitching on how expensive the phones are ain't you?

Remember many nokia lumia with sd400. It is a trick to sink.. haha