Nokia 3120

Nokia 3120

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  • Jason

Yes I know, Samsung is going more overboard with top end clamshell handsets. All the manifacturers are doing it and its just stupid....all these phones are way too similar like this 3120 for example, it is a 3100 and nokia has spent thousands of dollars designing it and opening its production line when they could be rolling in the same amount of customers from their 3100.

  • Anonymous

nokia is still sticking to 4096 colour LCD

  • yee

Jason! see the has much more phones at the same category, and those are more expensive than nokias' and I wont be happy without 7210/7250..and the 5xxx is for the siemen m-class..

  • se

p00r ugly duckling..

  • Jason

There are just way too meany phones that are too similar: Nokia 2100, 3315, 3610, 1100 & 2300 are all entry level handsets couldnt nokia make just one or two of these with all the features combined which are very similar and basic anyway?

Nokia 3100, 3120, 3530, 3510i & maybe even 6610 are low end to middle class handsets... they could do with just 3120 & 6610.

Nokia 5100, 3200, 7210, 7250, 6100 & 5140 are all middle to top end handsets. 3200 & 6100 should keep everyone happy.

Nokia 7610, 9500, 7100, 6810, 7600, 6600, 6620, 6220, 7200 & 6230 are all top ends which they could make do with 4 or 5 of them.

Who agrees with me now?

  • Jason

Im not saying they shouldnt make really expensive ones only....they should spend time releasingonly a few each year for every market some in the low end, some in middle class and some top end ones instead of heaps op top ends, heaps of middle class and heaps of low ends!

  • yee

I like it, its much more elegante, than the 3100...

  • VODA

we need cheap handsets numb nuts not every 50 year old wants a camera fone nice one nokia i need more handsets like this to sell

  • pimp

agreed, nokia is shocking,SE will go ahead

  • Jason

Almost a pure copy of the 3100 with hardly any features, 4 chord polyphonic ringtones, 4K colour screen. Manifacturers should stop pumping out brand new phones every week...instead they should spend more time designing a few really good ones than heaps of really crap ones. It will be easier for them to have only a few production lines open at once and leaving them open for longer & it will also help us customers by having fewer to choose from. Does anyone here agree with my comments?

  • skater42

Ok Nokia, enough is enough.
Your friggin phones all look the same, all the same specifications, same crap screen (year 2004, 4096 just isn't real). There is no variety in what Nokia offers. BORING. UGLY. Get a better marketing plan, cuz you guys are going down.

  • Anonymous

drop those low-cost phones and start producing some real ones, with a better display-screen and camera.. the 6230 is brilliant, but they really have to make a new menu/interface!

  • mystic

why 4 096 colors. why go back in time when we are in the future? Sorry nokia but you have stuffed up big time!

  • N_i_x_e_n

Another ugly phone by Nokia but expensive like all Nokia Crap

  • Anonymous

Another low-cost phone made by nokia, but only 4096 colors??

example: Motorola's low-cost phones (like V180) have 65000 colors!

  • Kardar

4096??? nokia shame on u!!!

  • shocked


  • kaykay

cant wait!!