Nokia 3120 classic

Nokia 3120 classic

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  • Bieber

its a super mobile . . .bcos 1day my nokia 3120classic felt on near water .over full night its still in under the water . . .nxt day oly i saw . . .2days i put that mobile in sunlight . . . .then the 3rd day its work so smart. . . really super mobile. . .no problem. . . if u .ve get chance to buy this mnbile means don.t miss it. t care

  • marjun

neta, 06 Sep 2011i'm using this phone......................its horrible phone....... more ow is that true that this model have suddenly automatic shotdown?? how bout its configuration???

  • Anonymous

have this phone for over 2 years and it still works with no problems.

  • neta

i'm using this phone......................its horrible phone.................any time it gets switched voice clarity and even no high sound during calling....................not to buy this phone..........

  • Anonymous

siddu, 27 Aug 2011iam using this phn since 2 and half years. now i nee new battery... morenokia care

  • Lleva

HEY, PLEASE HELP. APPS wont work on my phone. it always says, "ERROR IN NETWORK CONNECTION" but my connection is fine. what could be the problem. and when i stream youtube videos, it wont play, the "globe with the arrow" only appears. pls help ;] i know u can.

  • Manu684

Hello friend, i have purchase this 3120 classic phone before sometimes back.. It's really owesm..i have purchase it 2nd hand.. But good in condition.. But some programs are not available in the phone.. Plz help me for this, where can get full software for my phone:) waiting for your repley & sugg. Too:-)

ur's manu684

  • apu

i want video chat in face book by this hand set...this will be possible?

  • Anonymous

am using this nokia and i need to buy an original housing. could you pliz direct me where i can find it?

  • siddu

iam using this phn since 2 and half years. now i nee new battery for this. where can i get that battery? please tell me if you knw dat

  • Biefi

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2011hey, please help me with this problem -- applications wont work ... moreNokia 3120 classic dose'nt need any software or otherwise to play Youtube videos or any other sites that has streaming capabilities,except the website All you need to do is to go on the website search or click no an video icon and wait for about 10sec for the video to start! If this dose'nt help,no problem! You can search & download the Youtube app @ This app will only make you stream/watch videos off Youtube). I am a 1yr owner of this nokia handset and i was able to watch videos off Youtube(without the app) and other sites that has streaming capabilities such as, &!! And GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR TRY!

  • Toby Bars

Is a smart 4ne and i love it but i cant buy it because i ain't got no money. If could have it i would be better, so dear friends try to talk to nokia marketing manager to give me this phone of my dreams! Find me on fb (Toby Bars Jr.) thanx.

  • jayson

i am using this fone 4 almost 2 years and its the best fone ever... unlike to other fones it can connect to internet easily by opera m... its very simple and can understand its contents easily..

  • Don

I am using this cell phone last one year very nice & smart phone camera is too good all application are easy and user friendly best cell phone ever

  • Anonymous

front cam activates only during video call. Thats my guess.

  • Anonymous

Argha ....3120c, 16 Aug 2011how can i use front cam??????plss tell me guysssss..........for video call

  • Argha ....3120c

how can i use front cam??????plss tell me guysssss..........

  • sonu

it is a very nice phone in nokia

  • Anonymous

hey, please help me with this problem -- applications wont work on my 3120c. what do i need to change to run my apps? do i need to change my settings? what settings? pls help. it will be so much appreciated. AND hey, i can't play youtube videos, do i nee to download software or an app to play youtube vids? I will be so happy if u will help me fix these problems. thank you so much :]

  • zee

very nice cel. im using 4rm last 2 years...........